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Cricket Reduces Plan Pricing, Makes Muve Music Free

Leap Wireless has announced new plan pricing for its Cricket Wireless prepaid brand. The changes, which are effective Sept 2nd. include:

  • Cricket's Muve Music which provides unlimited music downloads from a library of almost six million songs, is now included with all smartphone plans at no extra cost. This represents a $5/month price reduction for Muve Music plans. A Muve Music compatible phone is required to take advantage of this feature.
  • More full speed data. The $50 plan now gets 1 GB of data before throttling kicks in compared with the old $55 plan where all data was throttled. The $60 plan gets 2.5 GB of full speed data compared with 2 GB for the old $65 plan.
  • A new $70 plan is available that includes 5 GB of high speed data
  • Customers who reach their plan's data limit can now purchase additional data at the rate of $1 for 50 MB.
  • The $50 and $60 "Cricket PayGo" plans offered in markets where the carrier doesn't have its own network and operates as a Sprint MVNO now include unlimited voice minutes. These plans used to be limited to 1000 minutes.
  • A new $15/month Global Plus international calling bundle is now available. It provides a local telephone number in the country of your choice and 500 outgoing international landline minutes and 30 outgoing international mobile minutes.

The table below list the details of all of Cricket's current plans.

Cricket Wireless Plans
Plan Details1 $35/mo. Feature Phone $45/mo. Feature Phone $50/mo. Smartphone $60/mo. Smartphone $70/mo. Smartphone
Unlimited Talk * * * * *
Unlimited U.S. LD * * * * *
Unlimited Text * * * * *
Enhanced Calling Features2 * * * *
Unlimited Multimedia Text * * * *
Unlimited International Text * * * *
Unlimited Music Muve Music3 * * *
Visual Voicemail * *
Unlimited 3G Data * * (1 GB full-speed data) * (2.5 GB full-speed data)* (5 GB full-speed data)
Tethering * *
1 All monthly rate plans include voicemail and caller ID
2 Enhanced Calling Features includes: call waiting, 3-way calling and call forwarding
3 Available on Android Smartphones

Cricket PAYGO Plans
Plan Details4 $25/mo. Feature Phone $35/mo. Feature Phone $45/mo. Feature Phone $50/mo. Smartphone $60/mo. Smartphone
Voice Minutes/Mo. 300 1,000 1,000 Unlimited Unlimited
Unlimited Text * * * * *
Additional Calling Features5 * * * * *
Unlimited Multimedia Text * * * * *
Unlimited Muve Music * * *
Visual Voicemail *
Unlimited 3G Data * * * * (1GB full-speed data) * (2.5 GB full-speed data)
Tethering *
4 All monthly rate plans include voicemail and caller ID
5 Additional Calling Features includes: call waiting and 3-way calling

I don't see any gotchas with these plan changes all of which appear to provide increased value at lower cost. The new smartphone plan pricing also matches leaked plan prices for Radio Shack's upcoming No Contract Wireless service which is powered by Cricket which makes sense as without these changes, Radio Shack would be under cutting Cricket's own pricing

Source: Leap Wireless via Engadget Image: mycricket.com

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  1. I wonder how long will Sprint let them use their network, after Leap said it will not make its $75 million minimum wholesale purchase commitment of network access, and since Cricket plans are not really all that cheap, why not go directly with Boost??

    1. I'm wondering the same things. I suspect Sprint is hoping Cricket is sold with the buyer assuming the debt and Sprint eventually getting paid.

      As to why people choose Cricket, I don't really understand that myself. I can't see Muve being much of a draw with the availability of free music streaming services like Pandora and Spotify that work on all carriers.

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