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RadioShack No Contract Wireless Plans Leaked. Prices From $25 to $60

As reported here previously, Radio Shack is believed to be launching its own branded RadioShack No Contract Wireless service. The original leak claimed that the service would be an Cricket MVNO and would offer the HTC One V Android phone. There was also a mention of a $25/month plan.

Today Engadget published a couple of screen shots that show plan pricing. It's hard to tell how these plans compare with Cricket's own. That's because Cricket is really two carriers in one.  It has one set of rate plans in areas like Chicago, Houston and Washington, D.C. where it operates its own network and completely different plan pricing in markets like San Francisco, LA and New York City where it functions as a Sprint MVNO.

It's unknown if RadioShack is going to follow the Cricket model of having different rate plans for native Cricket vs. MVNO areas or if pricing will be the same nationwide.

If you were hoping for a $25/month smartphone plan you will be disappointed. The $25 plan is one of two feature phone only plans (shown below). They are identical to plans that Cricket sells in MVNO areas and include unlimited 2G data, unlimited domestic text and multimedia messaging and your choice of 300 or 1000 voice minutes for $25 or $35 respectively.

The smartphone plans are shown below. They both include unlimited Cricket muve music streaming music plus unlimited voice and messaging and either 1 GB of data for $50/month or 2.5 GB for $60.

The RadioShack No Contract Wireless smart phone plans in the screen shot above are different than what Cricket offers in either native or MVNO markets (listed below).

Cricket muve Music Smarphone Plans
Cricket MVNO Markets Cricket Native Markets RadioShack
Plan Price $45 $55 $55 $65 $50 $60
Voice Minutes 1000 1000 Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
Messaging Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
Data Unlimited (throttled to 150 Kbps) Unlimited (1st 2GB at full speed) Unlimited (throttled to 150 Kbps) Unlimited (1st 2GB at full speed) 1 GB (overage $1/50 MB) 2.5 GB (overage $1/50 MB)

The leaked smart phone plan pricing for the RadioShack offering seems better than Cricket's own plans, offering more un-throttled data for less money and possibly unlimited voice in MVNO markets.

Of course, we won't know the full story until at least Sept. 5 when Radio Shack No Contract Wireless is supposed to launch. I expect the main selling point to be muve music as the coverage and pricing is similar to comparable plans from Virgin Mobile and Boost Mobile.

Images: Engadget


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  1. Now this is an oxymoron if I have ever seen one....How can RS be an MVNO of Cricket in non Cricket markets??? so that's kind like being an MVNO of an MVNO........

    1. There's nothing inherently wrong with being an MVNO of an MVNO and Radio Shack wouldn't be the first. Jolt is an MVNO of Red Pocket which is itself an AT&T MVNO.

  2. why would i want this sh*t when i can get unlimited everything on Cricket for $50 a month?

    1. That must be a grandfathered plan. Cricket doesn't currently have a $50 plan, only $25, $35, $45, $55, $65.

      Also how are yiur data speeds? I'm seeing lots of complaints of slow data on Cricket.

  3. once again i have tmobile monthly 4g and i buy phones from people on craigslist so this doesnt effect me. but yeswap dont u think sprint needs to just buy cricket and run it independently like boost and virgin and just use the cricket spectrum where cricket has its own markets to further improve sprints cdma 3g coverage and use it for future deployment of their lte that way they can get rid of this roaming agreement with cricket?

    1. That might end up happening. Cricket is in shaky financial condition and is likely to be acquired sometime in the next 12 months. Sprint is one of the top candidates for buying Cricket.

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