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Boost Mobile ZTE Warp Sequent Now Available for $199.99

The successor to Boost Mobile's ZTE Warp is now available on the Boost Mobile site. It's the ZTE Warp Sequent and is priced at $199.99 with free shipping. As usual with Boost, technical specs are rather vague:

  • 4.3 inch qHD (540 x 960 px) screen 
  • 5 MP main camera with LED flash and video recording 
  • 1.3 MP front facing camera for Skype and video chat 
  • Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich 
  • Visual Voicemail
  • 1650 mAH removable battery
  • 8 hour talk time
  • 768 MB RAM, 4 GB ROM
  • Dimensions 5.0 x 2.56 x 0.39 inches ( 127 x 65 x 9.9 mm)
  • Weight 4.6 oz (130 gm)

Some tech sites including PDAdb.net are claiming that the Warp Sequent uses an Intel processor. I highly doubt that as Intel Android phones are rare and this would be the first one ever released by a US operator. I'm sure Intel would be publicizing the release of the first US handset with an Intel Atom processor if that was the case.

There are also some app compatibility issues with Android on Intel at this early stage so it might be a good thing if the Sequent doesn't use an Intel CPU.

Update: Phonenews.com is reporting that Boost has told them that the Sequent uses a 1.4 GHz single-core Qualcomm Snapdragon ARM-based processor, confirming that the Intel processor rumor is untrue. ZTE has added a specs page for the Warp Sequent is the ARM based Qualcomm MSM8655.

The Warp Sequent requires either the $55/month Android Monthly Unlimited Plan or the $2/day Daily Unlimited plan.

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  1. I have calls in to Boost PR on the subject. I agree it is not likely this is an Intel device.

    Intel appears to be providing its phone makers an ARM translator (similar to the PowerPC-Intel translator Apple used for OS X), so app compatibility is not a major issue.

    1. Thanks for the comment. Hope you get a reply from Boost.

  2. Hey, Yeswap, found this blog through google searching... The specs on that website are mostly false...

    RAM is only 768, not 1GB
    Front Camera is 1.3, not 0.3.
    Bluetooth is 4.0, not 2.1

    As for the intel chip, no one posted it yet... if my phone comes tomorrow, maybe I can find out...

    1. Yes, it looks like PDAdb published specs for a different phone entirely.

  3. You know to make it easy on yourselves to look up specifications for that android, just go to boostmobile.com and look up that make and model.

    1. Yes it's easy to look up specs on the Boost site, that's where the ones on this page are from. But the specs there are superficial and incomplete. Important details like the processor architecture, available internal storage and video recording format (VGA, 720P, etc.) are missing.

    2. Yeswap is correct on one thing. Boost Mobile does't cover (in plain English) advance specifications. Only basics. But what kills me most websites like this one don't educate people that you can go to zteusa.com and research the device. Is that so hard?

    3. Thanks for the tip. ZTE's specs page for the Warp Sequent is now up and it lists the processor as the ARM based Qualcomm MSM8655. It doesn't say anything about the camera's video formats or the amount of free internal memory for app storage.

  4. The phone it's based on, the ZTE Grand X IN uses Intel, so that's why there's speculation about it being an Intel SoC. Hopefully, we'll find out one way or the other today.

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