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MetroPCS $25 Unlimited Plan is Back

Starting tomorrow Sept 28, 2012,  MetroPCS is again offering a $25/month unlimited talk and text promotional plan. The same plan was offered from April through August of this year before it was replaced by a similar $30/month promotion that includes MMS picture messaging. The $30 promotion is still available.

As before, the limited time promotion is for new customers only. There is a $10 "promotional" fee to activate and the customer must also buy a new MetroPCS feature phone.  Metro defines a feature phone as any phone that's not a smartphone, BlackBerry, Android phone or 4G LTE device.

The $25 and $30 plans come with lots of conditions.
  • The plans are only available at MetroPCS Corporate Stores and Authorized Dealers (store locator), not online. 
  • There is a $10 "promotional fee" to activate the plans. 
  • The plan is for new customers only. No upgrades, phone changes (ESN swaps) or reactivations.
  • The plan can only be used for voice calling, text messaging and picture messaging (on the $30 plan). Email, IM, and data are not available. 
  • The only add-ons allowed except zero cost add-ons, the $5/month MMS add-on and  $5/month  phone insurance.
  • The $25 and $35 plans can be used to add a new line to an existing account but the  $5/month family plan discount does not apply and other users on the account can't be downgraded to the $25 or $30 plans.
  • The customer must purchase a new feature phone (any MetroPCS phone that's not a smartphone, BlackBerry, Android phone or 4G LTE device).
  • The plan is a limited time promotional offer. Customers can remain on the plan indefinably after the promotion ends, as long as they stay active and continue to use a feature phone .
The plans do include voicemail, 3-way calling, caller ID, long distance and no extra cost roaming on Sprint in areas where MetroPCS doesn't have coverage.

The MetroPCS' $25 Plan is an unbeatable deal for anyone who lives in a Metro PCS market, just wants to talk and text a lot and is OK with the MetroPCS plus Sprint coverage footprint. I'm glad to see it's back.

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  1. The $30 plan:
    -Includes 250MB of 4G LTE data, (and unlimited 3G data)
    -Can be used with Android phones


  2. Good price! I would consider if my service was not so good with PagePlus!

  3. Does $25.00 monthly charge include taxes, etc?

    1. I believe so. There are no added charges here in California.

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