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MetroPCS $25 Unlimited Plan Now Includes MMS, Costs $30

MetroPCS has replaced their $25/month unlimited talk and text promotional plan with a new $30 month plan that includes unlimited MMS (picture messaging) along with unlimited voice calls and text messages.

Another change with the plan is that it can now be used with any MetroPCS feature phone. Metro defines a feature phone as any phone that's not a smartphone, BlackBerry, Android phone or 4G LTE device. The $25 plan was initially limited to just three specific feature phones.

Like it's predecessor, the $30 plan comes with a long list of restrictions.
  • The plan is only available at MetroPCS Corporate Stores and Authorized Dealers (store locator), not online. 
  • There is a $10 activation fee. 
  • The plan is for new customers only. No upgrades, phone changes (ESN swaps) or reactivations.
  • The plan can only be used for voice calling and picture and text messaging. Email, IM, and data are not available. 
  • The only add-on allowed is $5/month MetroGUARD phone insurance.
  • The $5/month family plan discount does not apply to this plan. 
  • The customer must purchase a new feature phone (any MetroPCS phone that's not a smartphone, BlackBerry, Android phone or 4G LTE device).
  • The plan is a limited time promotional offer. Customers can remain on the plan indefinably after the promotion ends, as long as they stay active and continue to use a feature phone phones.
Even with the price increase, the $30 plan is the least expensive unlimited voice and messaging plan available to the general public from any US carrier. It includes voicemail, 3-way calling, caller ID, long distance and nationwide coverage with no extra cost roaming on Sprint. 

Current $25 plan customers can keep that plan as long as they keep their service active and use one of the supported basic phones.

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  1. If you are willing to sacrifice coverage, then MetroPCS is worth it.

  2. I don't know, it doesn't sound all that great to me.For just $5 more a month, you get AT&T coverage on one of their MVNO's , no activation fee, and use of ANY AT&T or unlocked phone without any restrictions.

  3. i'd like to see the phone.

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