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Page Plus Discount Codes from Kitty Wireless

I just received some new discount codes from Page Plus online dealer Kitty Wireless.

Now through 12/31/2012, save 3% off any one time Page Plus refill PIN, or the first payment on any brand new Page Plus AutoPay Plan (not a monthly recurring discount) by using discount code KITTY3 during checkout (be sure to click the APPLY button after you enter the code).

To save 50% off any New Activation, ESN Change, ESN Swap, ESN Reset, ESN Check, Device Release or Port Request use Coupon Code SERV50 during checkout  at kittywireless.com. Expires 12/30/2012.

Most of these services have a regular price of $19.99 so using the coupon saves you $9.99

Page Plus will do most of these services for free if you're willing to spend some time waiting on hold. If your time is valuable using Kitty Wireless automated services will save you lots of time for a nominal fee.



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  1. I like to use http://www.pageplusdirect.com/ as they have 6 percent off all the time and no code is required! New activation is only $6 bucks, porting is $9, and ESN change is $4.99.

  2. Isn't it only 3%? I use http://pageplusca.com cuz their services are all free and they accept Paypal.

  3. I just figure that 6% off the most expensive plan ($80) is $4.80 and PPD charges $4.99 for the cheapest service...

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