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Updated: Page Plus Canceling Power Text Plans

Page Plus online dealer Kitty Wireless is telling customers that effective immediately, the Page Plus' Power Text 2000 and Power Text 10,000 plans have been discontinued. Power Text was an add-on to the Page Plus "Standard" pay as you go plan that let customers buy bundles of text messages at a discount price.

According to Kitty Wireless, existing customers on the Power Text plans are grandfathered and will be able to continue on the plans as long as they do not let them lapse. Existing Power Text customers should renew their plans using Standard (pay as you go) PINs. Customers must be careful have a large enough enough balance in their accounts ($10.95 for Power Text 2000 or $15 for Power Text 10,000) to cover the renewal each month.

I'm surprised by this sudden change. Page Plus made a round of changes to Power Text just four days ago on Sept 18 when they cut the number of texts on the $15 Power Text plan from unlimited to 10,000 and stopped selling Power Text PINs on the PagePlus website. When that change was made, Page Plus stated that Power Text was not being discontined and that add-on PINs would still be available through Page Plus authorized dealers.

I've asked Page Plus to confirm this sudden change of plans and will update this post when they get back to me.

Update: Page Plus' Denny Scher got back to me with the following confirmation:
The Power Text plans have been discontinued. PINs still in distribution are able to be used, but they are no longer available through our website or the call center. Customers on Power Text are grandfathered in, and they will be able to continue their plans by renewing with Standard plan PINs if they choose (adding cash to an account with Standard PINs, provided it is enough to cover the PT plan, will automatically renew an existing PT plan).
Scher also said the change,
...Impacts only an extremely small percentage of customers, as the vast majority opt for a monthly talk/text/data bundle plan. The decision to discontinue Power Text completely rather than to just stop selling it through our website and call center was made based on further evaluation of the plan.
I'm rather surprised hear that relatively few Page Plus customers use Power Text.  I always though it would be a very popular option especially for text-happy children and teens and especially their parents.

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  1. Figures I use almost no minutes & the power text plan was perfect for me but i was waiting until next month... Their justification strikes me as a half truth though... A heavy texter could get by with a 2k minute card & just pay the $15 a month for the unlimited text...this is more about profitability than any other reason.
    Simple as that
    Ill look elsewhere now.

  2. I'm surprised, too. I just went to Callingmart to buy a Powertext and it wasn't available which led me to search and finding this article. Pageplus doesn't even have an explanation or notice on their site about the change. I have no email either from Pageplus regarding this change. I am not happy with Pageplus. What other Verizon-based no-contract, prepaid services are available?

    1. Prepaid services on the Verizon network include:
      Verizon Inpulse
      Mingo www.mingowireless.co
      H2O CDMA h2owirelesscdma.com/
      NextG www.nextgmobile.com

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