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RadioShack and Cricket Launch New Wireless Service With Exclusive White Huawei Mercury

As expected, RadioShack announced the launch of RadioShack No-Contract Wireless powered by Cricket today.

The new service, along with the first two RadioShack No-Contract Wireless phones, will be available beginning tomorrow Sept. 5th at RadioShack stores nationwide. The two phones are:

The $149.99 Huawei Mercury Ice (pictured at right) is a white version of Cricket's Huawei Mercury. The white color will be a Radio shack exclusive for the next 30 days. It's an Android 2.3 phone with a 1.4 GHz processor, 4-inch FWVGA (854 X 480 px) screen and 8MP camera. Muve Music® is included with RadioShack Wireless' smartphone plans and gives users unlimited song downloads, ringtones and ringback tones from a library of millions of songs.

The $39.99 Huawei Pillar (below), a  candy bar QWERTY feature phone with a 2 inch 320 x 240 px screen, VGA camera, memory card slot and music player.

Both phones are also available now on the RadioShack website by following the links above.

Plan pricing (below) is identical to Cricket's pricing in areas where it doesn't operate it's own network

RadioShack Wireless Plans
Plan Details4 $25/mo. Feature Phone $35/mo. Feature Phone $50/mo. Smartphone $60/mo. Smartphone
Voice Minutes/Mo. 300 1,000 Unlimited Unlimited
Unlimited Text * * * *
Additional Calling Features5 * * * *
Unlimited Multimedia Text * * * *
Unlimited Music with Muve Music * *
Visual Voicemail *
Unlimited 3G Data * * * (1GB full-speed data) * (2.5GB full-speed data)
Tethering *
4 All monthly rate plans include voicemail and caller ID
5 Additional Calling Features includes: call waiting and 3-way calling

Radio Shack Wireless strikes me more as a "white label" or re-branded service rather than a true MVNO. I suspect that RadioShack is reselling Cricket plans and services under its own name with Cricket handling billing and customer support.

For consumers the good news is that Radio Shack is undercutting Cricket's pricing for the two launch phones. The Shack's white Mercury is $50 less expensive than Cricket's black version and it comes with a larger 8 GB vs. 4 GB memory card. The Pillar is $10 cheaper from RadioShack than it is on Cricket's website

Source: RadioShack


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  1. It's awesome to see choice (not that I'm going to be on cricket/radio shack MVNO) but come on.... 4" screen? What is this? 2009?

  2. and it comes with a larger 8 MB vs. 4 MB memory card.
    8MB ??? 4MB? Never got that. I only have a 16mb card for my camera 5years ago.

    1. Doh! Fixed, thanks for the heads up.

    2. What did you fix?

    3. The errors that the previous commenter mentioned.

  3. Wow. Cricket. PC Mag worst rated 3G network. I give this one year before Radio Shack pulls the plug.

    1. So service is really bad using Cricket?

  4. Radio shack specs say this phone has ics on it but all the sites i have checked on have said its 2.3 gingerbread. Anyone know which is accurate

    1. I think the RadioShack sales page where it says ICS is wrong.

      The Shack's press release says 2.3. Cricket's version of the same phone runs 2.3. The phone comes in a box that says Android 2.3 on the front. The phone may get an ICS update but for now I'm 99% sure it's Gingerbread.

  5. I bought this phone yesterday. It has gingerbread but ive heard it will be getting ics soon. I have to say that this phone kicks butt. Really fast and you get muve music for free. For 150 you cant beat what you get. really the best prepaid phone ive seen out there. 5 stars.

  6. I feel very well, apply this plan on my cell phone those are beneficial for me..!

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