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Two Days Only - Port Your Number to Page Plus For Free

If you are thinking of porting a phone number to Page Plus, online Page Plus dealer Kitty Wireless is running a free port request promotion today and tomorrow only. Ports come with $2 in Page Plus call credit good for 120 days provided the number being ported in has never been used on Page Plus before. Kitty's regular price for ports is $14.99.

Click here: kittywireless.com/pageplus/freeport.html to port your number from another carrier to a new or existing Page Plus account. This offer is good only until 8:00pm EST tomorrow Thursday, 09/20/2012.

Note that if you are porting into an existing Page Plus account, monthly plans can not be transferred to the newly ported number. You will lose any remaining days of service on the monthly plan and will need to set it up again. Cash balances do transfer to the ported number.

Ports depend on the old carrier and can take anywhere from a few minutes to several days to complete. Ports from land line numbers typically take the longest.

Kitty's automated services are available 22 hours a day (orders submitted between 11:30pm EST and 1:30am EST will be processed after 1:30 AM).

Page Plus itself does ports for free if you call them, but they don't give you any call credit, their hours are limited and there is usually some waiting on hold involved.

When your new port completes you will probably want to add some airtime or a monthly plan PIN to your Page Plus account. Now through 12/31/2012, you can get 3% off the price of any one time Page Plus refill PIN, or the first payment on any brand new Page Plus AutoPay Plan (not a monthly recurring discount) at Kitty Wireless by using discount code KITTY3 during checkout (be sure to click the APPLY button after you enter the code).

Page Plus Cellular, which was founded in 1993, is the oldest and and second largest (after Tracfone) Verizon MVNO. Page Plus plans start at $2.50 month for pay as you go with unlimited plans from $39.95 for unlimited talk and text and 100 MB. For more information see Prepaid Operator Profile: Page Plus




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  1. I really really like to use http://www.pageplusdirect.com/ as they have 6 percent off all the time and no code is required! New activation is only $6 bucks, porting is $9, and ESN change is $4.99.

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