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Boost Android Daily Unlimited Price Increasing to $3/Day Nov 7th

According to a newsletter for Boost dealers (image), effective November 7th Boost Mobile is launching a new Android Daily Unlimited Plan which includes unlimited voice, messaging and data for $3/day. Like Boost's other daily plans, the $3 is charged every day, regardless whether the phone is used or not.

The current Boost Mobile $2 Daily Unlimited Plan will no longer be available to users with Android phones. Current Android users on the $2 Daily Plan will be grandfathered at the $2 rate until they switch plans or change to another Android phone.

For Android users, the daily plan is mainly useful when your monthly plan expiration is coming up and you don't have enough money to renew for the full month. By switching to the day plan and adding $10, you get five days of service, which might be enough to tide you over to the next paycheck. Starting Nov. 7, that $10 will only buy three days of service instead of five.

The grandfathering of the $2 plan won't help most users who switch back and forth between monthly and daily as the next switch back to the daily plan will trigger the price increase.

Source: HyperLink (PDF) via Howard Forums

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  1. yeswap i'm one of the 1million still with iden phone that i just use as an extra line my main line is t-mobile monthly 4g and i just ported another extra line from iden to t-mobile pay as you go a few months ago and sold iden phone on craigslist which is the same thing i'm going to did with my current iden phone. my point is with the pay as yo go iden increase and this increase taking effect on november 7 makes you wonder is sprint nickle and diming boost customers because most of the iden customers on boost and sprint switch carriers hmmmmmmmm???????/

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