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PlatinumTel is Allowing Zero Balance Calling in Hurricane Sandy Affected Areas

Hurricane Sandy & Marblehead MA

Sprint MVNO PlatinumTel is allowing customers in areas affected by Hurricane Sandy to continue to make and recieve calls even if they run out of call credit or their credit expires. The company posted the following notice on their Facebook Page:

"Due to Hurricane Sandy, PlatinumTel will prevent customer accounts from being suspended if they run out of airtime in the states affected by the hurricane. Knowing that some areas might lose electricity and customers might not be able to leave their homes to purchase airtime, we are observing free calls in hurricane areas for the next couple of days. 

This includes the following states/regions: Connecticut, District of Columbia, Delaware, Massachusetts, Maryland, Maine, North Carolina, New Hampshire, New Jersey, New York, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island, South Carolina, and Virginia. 

 As with any natural disaster, please use your cell phone wisely and only as needed as to not overwhelm the networks. Above all, stay safe, our thoughts are with you and your customers." 

Note, this only applies to users with a zero or expired balance and does not mean that calls are free for everyone in the affected states.

This a generous and classy move on Platinumtel's part. I wonder if any other prepaid operators are doing something similar for their hurricane affected subscribers?

Updates:  A Simple Mobile user left a comment on this post reporting that Simple has extended plan expiration dates until Friday, Nov 2nd for users in hurricane affected areas whose plans were due to have expired earlier this week.

A Howard Forum's member on Staten Island whose power and landline service are both out has posted that his family's two Virgin Mobile accounts each received a free $30 airtime credit from Virgin to help them get through the crisis.

Image: Hurricane Sandy & Marblehead MA  by The Birkes Attribution Some rights reserved

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  1. Correct word is "affected."

  2. Simple Mobile as well. Here's a text message I received today after I failed to refill my plan yesterday:

    "Due to the storm your Simple Mobile service end date has been extended to Friday, 11/2/12."

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