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New Page Plus ESN Validation Tool From Kitty Wireless

It's great that Page Plus Cellular allows you to bring your own phone to the service. What's not so great is some of the restrictions on which phones can be used.

"Bad ESN" phones (reported as lost or stolen or flagged because the previous owner owes the carrier money) can't be activated on most carriers, including Page Plus. There are several online ESN Checkers that will tell you if a phone's ESN (Electronic Serial Number) is "bad".

However Verizon prepaid phones and possibly even post paid phones last used on Verizon can't be activated on Page Plus either and an ESN checker can't tell you if a phone is ineligible because it's a prepaid model or was used on prepaid.

Page Plus online dealer Kitty Wireless has launched a new service that lets you determine if a phone can be activated on Page Plus.

Kitty Wireless' new ESN Validation Tool is able to determine if an ESN or can be activated on Page Plus or not. In many cases it will also tell you the make and model of the phone. If the ESN is already active on Page Plus it will even report the phone number that it's active on.

I tested the checker with a Verizon prepaid phone and it correctly reported that the phone could only be activated on Verizon prepaid. The checker doesn't seem to work with non-Verizon phones, at least the ones I tried, a Sprint Motorola Photon and an old Amp'd E816.  The checker reported both as "unknown" with no indication of whether they could be activated or not. The E816 is blocked from activation on Verizon and its MVNOs because of an alleged interference issue, but the Photon should be OK for activation.

The new service is free. It's not instant, results are sent to you in an email within an hour or less. The system is offline for maintenance between 11:30 PM and 1:30 AM Easter Time. If you request an ESN Validation during this time, it will be processed after 1:30 AM.

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  1. hey yeswap i remember amp'd verizon mvno they were so stupid they made all that money upfront and had all that funding and then went bankrupt i had them they were actually a contract mvno. the best part about amp'd was you didn't have to pay your bill that is probably why they folded lol. i wouldn't pay my bill until like a month or two after it was due and then i would only pay the miniuium amount which a lot of people said they did also so i guess ultimately if amp'd would of kind of did what cricket does u know where if you don't pay after 30 days after your bill is due they disconnect you then maybe they would still be around. or since it was contract maybe just suspend people's account until they paid in full like a regular postpaid company. just wanted to say to let you know about my brief memories of amp'd rip!

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