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New Plans from Walmart's Internet on the Go Mobile Broadband

Internet On the Go, a Walmart exclusive mobile broadband service that launched earlier this year, has cut prices and introduced some new plans which represent very good values.  Internet On the Go uses the Sprint 3G network so coverage (map) and speeds aren't the greatest, but it will get you online on the cheap wherever there's Sprint coverage.

There are two types of plans. The first is called "Go Big" and has the killer feature that your balance never expires provided you use the service at least once a year. The other plan dubbed "Go Bigger", gives you twice as much data per dollar but only lasts 30 days. The table below details all the plans and pricing options.

To use Internet on the Go you need an Internet on the Go Mobile Hotspot (a rebranded Novatel MiFi 2200), which is available only at walmart.com for $99.88. Shipping is $2.97, ship to store is free. Airtime can be added online using a credit card or by using PIN cards sold at Walmart.

Internet on the Go Plans
Price Go Big (Never Expires) Go Bigger (30 Day Plan)
$10.00 500 MB 1 GB
$25.00 1.5 GB 3 GB
$45.00 4 GB 8 GB

I suspect Internet on the Go's new plans are a reaction to the recently launched free WiMAX mobile broadband service from FreedomPop. While you can't beat free 4G, Internet on the Go's Sprint 3G coverage footprint is considerably larger than FreedomPop's Clearwire service area.  Internet on the Go is also much less expensive than other Sprint 3G network options from Data Jack, i-Wireless or Virgin Mobile, although Virgin's has the advantage of providing both 3G and WiMAX.

Source: Howard Forums

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  1. I would still prefer the freedompop deal. All you have to do is put down a security deposit and your set for 500 mb at 4g speeds for free. Can't wait till they come out with a iPhone 5 sleeve. But I see this being good for the traveler who really just needs to check their email because 3G speeds arn't good for anything else.

  2. If you don't watch HD videos on youtube et al or download large files, 3G is more than sufficient for your broadband needs. If you use the service during off-peak hours, you should see close to 1 MB or better download speeds.

    The Go Big plan makes sense now with $45 for 4GB for 1 year of service. What Walmart was charging before was highway robbery.

    1. I did not use it to watch youtube this time & still $45 was gone in 10 days. Twice it happened but I was told not to you Youtube. I did not & this still happened.

      I think they change management company & hired people in India & try to rip us off.

  3. Very good now and competitive..

  4. Got email with bad news:

    As of May 15th, the plans will be:

    “Use Whenever” Plans (megabytes never expire)
    $10 - 500MB
    $25 - 1.5GB
    $45 - 3GB

    30-Day Plans (megabytes expire after 30 days)
    $25 - 2GB
    $45 - 4GB

  5. The new FreedomPop plan with the 4G/3G Sprint Overdrive hotspot make this a harder comparison....

    1. Help: FreedomPop costs $10 less for 4gb, and $5 less for 2GB.
      The hotspot costs $40, not $100.

  6. yea the go bigger $45 plan is only 4gb not 8gb

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