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Page Plus to Include More Data and Cut Overage Rates on Most Monthly Plans

Update: Due to hurricane Sandy, all the Page Plus plan changes scheduled for Oct 31 and Nov1 have been postponed until Nov 2nd.

Verizon MVNO Page Plus Cellular announced that effective Nov 1, 2012, the $29.95 Talk and Text 1200 plan will include 250 MB of data per month, up from the current 100 MB. As before, the $29.95 plan also includes 1200 voice minutes and 3000 text messages.

The $39.95 Unlimited Talk n Text plan is also getting more data, 200 MB instead of the current 100 MB.

Page Plus is also lowering the overage and non-renewal rates on the Talk and Text 1200, Unlimited Talk n Text and The 55 (unlimited talk and text and 2 GB for $55/month) plans to 5¢/voice minute, 5¢/SMS or MMS and 5¢/MB. These rates apply when you use up your bucket of data (or minutes and texts on the $29.95 plan) or you plan fails to renew because on insufficient funds and currently vary from plan to plan. The new rates are at least as good as and in most cases significantly lower than current rates.

The changes where announced here and here on Howard Forums by Page Plus Marketing Manager, Denny Scher. The lowered overage rates take effect on Nov 1. The increased data allowances are effective with the next plan renewal after Nov. 2nd. There are no changes at this time to Page Plus' other plans, The 12 monthly plan and the pay as you go Standard plan. However Page Plus dealer Kitty Wireless posted on their forum today, "What's NEXT!?!?!? Is this in preparation for 4g? Only time will tell! Oh let the rumors fly baby!!!... Darn it I'm so excited about what's coming next.... I can hardly contain myself!!!!" so we can look forward to more customer friendly changes soon at Page Plus.


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  1. I remember when Utnt had its priced raised to 44.95. Then they slashed it back to 39.95, then increased the measly 20 mb to 100 and now 200. Good deal Page Plus!

  2. I love PagePlus.n The $29.95 fits my budget perfectly, and with the new additional data allottment, I know I won't go over my data usage.

  3. I rather go with Boost where they have all you can eat data and I can be on netflix and youtube all day and dont have to worry about overages. Not bad for $55 a month and if you pay on time your bill goes down, sweet deal. Their coverage is pretty solid since they are using sprints network.

  4. This comment has been removed by the author.

  5. Boost mobile sucks!!! Had it for a while made the switch to page plus my god couldn't be more happier

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