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PrepaYd Wireless Now Activating Sprint Phones - Updated: No LTE, BB or Palm! Phones

PrepaYd Wireless has joined the Bring Your Own Sprint Phone (BYOSP) club. Allowed devices are any clean ESN Sprint phone except for the iPhone, iDEN devices and phones from Sprint's Boost and Virgin Mobile prepaid brands. There is no charge for activating a Sprint phone on PrepaYd.

Unlike Kajeet, which is also activating Sprint phones, PrepaYd will activate BlackBerrys. However BlackBerry Internet Service (BIS) is not available, so most data services like BlackBerry Email and BlackBerry Messenger (BBM) won't work. LTE phones can be activated, but according to PrepaYd, LTE "may not" work. WiMAX phones are fully supported.

Update Oct 4 - PrepaYd has added a page to their site explaining the BYOSD program.  According to the new page and contrary to what I was told originally, BlackBerrys and LTE devices can not be used on PrepaYd. Palm phones can't be used on PrepaYd, which is surprising as other Sprint MVNOs, including PlatinumTel sell Palm Pixies.

PrepaYd Wireless launched late last year. It shares ownership with Bank Freedom, a prepaid debit card provider. Coverage (map) is limited to Sprint native service with no off-network roaming and is the same as with Boost and Virgin Mobile and most other Sprint MVNOs.

There are five PrepaYd plans

PrepaYd Wireless Plans
Plan Allowed Phones Voice SMS (text messaging) MMS (picture messaging) Data Included features
$35 Monthly Plan feature phones only unlimited unlimited none none Directory assistance,call records, voice mail
$40 Monthly Plan feature phones only unlimited unlimited none unlimited 3G All the above plus Call Waiting and 3-Way Calling
$45 Monthly Plan feature phones only unlimited unlimited unlimited unlimited 3G All the above
$50 Monthly Plan smart phones unlimited unlimited unlimited unlimited 3G All the above plus GPS locator and Instant Messaging
$60 Monthly Plans smart phones unlimited unlimited unlimited unlimited 3G and 4G WiMAX All the above

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  1. I noticed Ting says they are bringing BYOSP this year as well:

  2. Ting is kind of a rip off if you have moderate usage. check it out:
    1,000 minutes for $18 (33 minutes/day)
    1,000 texts for $5 (US average is 900/month)
    1GB Data for $24!!! (US average is >1GB/month)
    Monthly fee of $6
    Taxes added in addition (15-17%)
    That's $53 + 15/17% tax which is $61-$62 per month with moderate usage.

    Get PREPAYD Unlimited American style. I take free refills on my fountain drink, leave the measuring cup in Canada and Europe.

    1. I use less than 1000 minutes a year haha. I think 1000/month is a heavy user as well as the texts. Your US averages are way off.

  3. The biggest thing is whether this is all a trend that will eventually hit ALL Sprint mvnos including Platinum Tel, Total Call, Ready Mobile, STI and others. There are many more Sprint mvnos then any other type out there including Att and Tmobile. Byosd will make them all more powerful collectively as a group. However, roaming is still a Sprint mvno weakpoint.

  4. Agreed with what the guy above me said about "LACK" of coverage with Sprint MVNO's. Virgin and Boost Mobile out of the bunch are still a better choice then the rest. Both with phone selection and plan prices. Boost Mobile for sometime has allowed some Sprint Android phones to be used on their network with 3G working. Like the HTC Evo 4G for example. Not so with Virgin Mobile, But Virgin has better plans. I like Virgin's $35 plan, but the LACK of good coverage outside, Well major Metropolitan city's and Interstate Hwys is a BIG factor for me, Even though I live in Metro Atlanta and have good coverage around me. But CRAP to NON-Existent coverage North Georgia. I would probably go with Virgin/Boost Mobile or atleast try if Sprint offered atleast Voice/Text ONLY Roaming off-network. Like T-Mobile does and Metro Pcs.

    1. I agree on the limited coverage on Boost Virgin and most Sprint MVNOs.

      However, Sprint has never allowed Sprint Android phones like the EVO 4G on Boost. The only way anyone has ever activated a Sprint Android phone on Boost is by cloning a Boost ESN onto it fooling the system into thinking it's a Boost phone.

  5. Hello Yeswap , maybe as you know i'm also PrepaYd Wireless Master Dealer , today we doing a big change on the history of the Sprint phones , now is possible activated on REAL TIME , just take 2 minutes to do a Sprint Phone activation on PrepaYd , also Wimax phones need extra time because a issue on Clearwire side , since last week i be doing Real Time activations on my new website for PrepaYd , www.acrswireless.com , LTE support will be added on the beginning of next year. I will do new updates on my facebook page and as well on my forums...Thanks

    ACRS Wireless
    Ptel - PrepaYd Master Dealer.

  6. I love prepaYd, but like eveeryone else said, roaming is sometimes a "need"....Maybe they will at some future time, offer roaing for a higher or extra price. like 29 cents a minute per off network roaming ........Just a thought.

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