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T-Mobile MVNO Spot Mobile Adds Data and Monthly Plans

T-Mobile MVNO Spot Mobile rolled out a bunch of new plans today. Up to now Spot has really only had one plan; pay as you go with 10¢ voice minutes, 5¢ texts (including international) and no data. That plan is notable for having a minimum payment of $5 every 90 days.

Effective today, Spot now has a bewildering array of plans that includes the original pay as you go offering plus five new Unlimited plans and four "Monthly Savings Plans". 

Plus there are new addons for data and a couple of International calling packages.

Here is the complete lineup of Spot's new plans.
Unlimited Plans
Price Duration Voice Texts (Domestic and International) Data (Web & MMS)
$39.99 30 Days Unlimited Unlimited 100 MB
$49.99 30 Days Unlimited Unlimited 250 MB
$59.99 30 Days Unlimited Unlimited 500 MB
$14.99 7 Days Unlimited Unlimited 50 MB
$24.99 15 days Unlimited Nation wide Talk Unlimited Nationwide and International Text 100 MB

Monthly Saving Plans
Price Voice Texts (Domestic and Int'l) Data
$9.99 50 Minutes 50 None
$14.99 250 Minutes 250 50 MB
$24.99 500 Minutes 500 50 MB
$29.99 1200 Minutes 500 50 MB
Mobile Web Packages - Can be Added to Any Plan
$10.00 100MB 30 Day Expiration
$15.00 250MB 30 Day Expiration
$25.00 500MB 30 Day Expiration

Pay As You Go Plan
Refill Denominations Duration Minimum Monthly Cost Voice Texts (Domestic and International) Data (Web & MMS)
$5, $10, $20 and $30 90 Days $1.67 10¢/Minute 5¢/Each $10 100 MB
$15 250 MB
$25 500 MB

International Calling Programs - Can be Added to Any Plan*
$10 Unlimited International Talk Unlimited calls to 5 numbers in 1 country (landline only) 30 Day Expiration
$10 International Super 500 Minutes 500 minutes to 50 Countries (landline only) 30 Day Expiration
* On pay as you go, the standard 10¢/minute air time rate will will be added to the international rate.
The new plans are a positive change for Spot which really needed data and unlimited plans to be competitive. However data prices are too high, especially on the unlimited plans. Only 500 MB of data on the $59.95 plan isn't attractive when compared with T-Mobile MVNO Simple Mobile's 2 GB for $50 or even T-Mobile's own $60 unlimited plan which includes 2 GB of full speed data and unlimited throttled data.

At one time Spot service included no extra cost voice only roaming on AT&T and regional GSM networks. According to a Spot customer service representative I spoke to today, that's no longer the case, Spot coverage is only available on the T-Mobile native network.

Spot does have some unique advantages. Its very low minimum cost on pay as you go, only $20 per year make it a good choice for an emergency or "glovebox" phone. It also looks good if you do a lot of international texting or calling. In addition to no extra cost international texting and good value international add-on plans, regular international voice rates without an add-on are reasonable (Canada 15¢, Mexico 15¢, UK 13¢, China 2¢) and international direct dialing is supported.

Spot's phone selection is limited but because it's GSM BYOD is just a SIM swap away. SIMs are $9.99 each with airtime purchase. Unfortunately they are currently sold out.

Source: Spot Mobile via Howard Forums



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  1. Would it be possible to use a sim from another carrier like Simple Mobile or T-Mobile (since it's the same network)?

    1. I doubt it but you could ask them, they answered the phone right away when I called. Or if you have a SIM you could try activating on the Spot website.

  2. I wonder how can they be sold out of SIMs...maybe, much like strawberries they are out of season???.....besides, no specific reason to sigh up with them, their unlimited plan prices are not great, same as every 1 else...

  3. This will make them more competitive but they really do need a plan with at least a gig or two of data. If they had bigger addon data packs, they'd be able to find a niche that both Att Gophone and Tmobile prepaid quashed. Minute plans with data add ons.

  4. They have some all right plans, nothing great. Hey could someone give me a list of all the t-mobile mvno's, I never even heard of this company before today.

    1. Tracfone, Net10, Simple Mobile, Straight Talk, Spot, Solavei are the ones I know of. UltraMobile is supposed to launch soon.

    2. Are they all BYOD GSM? I would like to use the iPhone I currently have.

    3. All except Tracfone have BYOD T-Mobile GSM.

  5. Thanks Yeswap, you've been really helpful. Just to let you know I have Prepaid Phone News as an icon on my iPhone, I visit this site pretty regularly.

  6. Caution:
    If you use your Spot sim in a glovebox phone, you have to make a reminder to pull it out at least once in your 90-day billing period and use something that costs money.
    Otherwise something bad will happen.

    1. Sit down and absorb this:

      Per Spot Welcome Letter:
      "One billable call required prior to the 90 day expiration date for Pay As You Go Plan."

      Per Spot Terms and Conditions:
      "If you do not purchase and add airtime prior to the Service End Date,
      or you do not make or receive a call prior to the Service End Date,
      which Service End Date is a rolling >>60th<< day from the last phone call made or received or airtime added to phone set,
      your Spot Mobile will be deactivated on the Service End Date and you will lose your phone number, even if you have minutes remaining.
      To prevent this from occurring, please keep your service active by both purchasing and adding airtime and using the phone before the Service End Date."

    2. And this:

      "You must add your Spot Mobile Prepaid Wireless Airtime PIN number to your Spot Mobile within 90 days from the date of purchase; otherwise the card/PIN expires and you will not be able to add those minutes to your Spot Mobile."

      Tmobile prepaid customers will feel right at home with this one.

    3. Glovebox Phone Solution:

      1. Phone or computer recurring calendar entry every 90 days to add airtime. NOT every 3 months.
      2. Recurring calendar entry every 90 days or 3 months starting in the middle of the billing period to make a billable call.

      Solution 2:

      Don't use a Spot Mobile sim in a glovebox phone.

  7. I asked Spot CS about the difference between terms in my Welcome Letter and their Ts&Cs. They said I have to top up every 60 days. I told them the Plans page still shows 90 days. They said the Plans will be updated soon. I topped up yesterday and got a 90 day extension to my Pay-Go plan.

  8. The $40 Unl TnT now includes 500mb data. Much better.

    1. Correction: 500mb of 4G data. The $40 and $50 plans include Unlimited data now, throttled after 500mb and 1GB respectively.
      They have not updated or deleted the $60 plan...stay tuned.

  9. Spot's $50 Unl TnT now includes 1gb of 4G. Much better.

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