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Last Chance to Get Page Plus Power Text 2000 PINs

Page Plus online dealer Kitty Wireless still has a few Page Plus Power Text 2000 PINs available at the regular price of $10.95. The Power Text plans were discontinued last month but these PINs will still allow you to activate the Power Text 2000 Plan on any Page Plus "Standard" pay as you go plan. The Power Text 2000 plan provides 2000 SMS text messages per month.

Once activated on Power Text 2000, customers are grandfathered in and can continue their plans indefinitely by adding cash to their account with Standard Plans PINs. Provided they keep a large enough enough balance in their accounts to cover the $10.95 renewal each month.

At this writing Kitty Wireless only has 40 Power Text 2000 PINs availaqble. Once they are gone you are out of luck. Click here to order a Power Text 200 PIN for $10.95.

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