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Mingo Wireless Appears to Have Gone Bust - Update: Port Your Number Out Now

It looks like Sprint MVNO Mingo Wireless is out of business. Multiple Mingo users have posted on HowardForums that they have not been able make calls or retrieve voicemail since Tuesday Nov 6. When they try, users  get a recording that says that their account is not authorized to make calls. I imagine the happy Mingo customers in the ad at right are no loner smiling.

Mingo's website is still up with no indication of an outage. The 800 Mingo number answers with a recording saying that no one is available to take your call and to leave a message. Multiple users say they have left messages but no one has reported getting a call back. Mingo's Facebook page and Mingo co-founder Douglas Chung's Linkedin profile were deleted this week, suggesting that Mingo management is in hiding.

The prepaid MVNO business is a tough one. There's a lot of competition and MVNOs are caught in the middle between users looking for the best deal and operators who want to maximize their own bottom line. If Mingo is gone it's at the least the third MVNO to fail this year.  T-Mobile MVNO Tuyo shut down in April and Sprint MVNO Zapp folded in August. The Tuyo shut down was orderly with customers notified in advance and allowed to port out and unused balances were refunded. On the other hand Zapp disappeared without a trace one day and customers lost both their numbers and their balances.

I suspect Mingo is another Zapp and users can kiss their phone numbers and balances good by. Those who paid with a credit card or PayPal have a good chance of getting a pro-rated refund by disputing the charge with their credit card company or PayPal.

Small, obscure MVNOs can be a good deal, but as the Mingo experience shows there are risks. If you have any doubts about a provider stay away or least don't keep money in your account at a minimum and don't trust the provider with a number you care about.

Update: It appears that it is still possible to port a Mingo number to another operator. PrepaYd and PlatinumTel dealer ACRS has posted that he has ported Mingo numbers to both PlatinumTel and PrepaYd. According to ACRS for a successful port you will need to provide the following information (* indicates a required item).

  • Mingo Number to port *
  • First Name *
  • Initial
  • Last Name *
  • Alt Contact Phone *
  • Address *
  • City *
  • State *
  • Zip *
  • Email
  • Mingo Account ID
  • Mingo Password

ACRS also says that there's a 30 day window to do the port, after the 30 days, which presumably started Nov.6 when Mingo shut down. After the 30 days is up your number will be lost and your Mingo handset will be blacklisted. There's more information on the ACRS Forum. In addition a couple of HowardForums users have reported successfully porting to EcoMobile and Page Plus.

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  1. What a let down for these customers! The holidays are here and you lose your phone number? Were the phones on Mingo proprietary? If so, that means a new phone has to be purchased. Lessons learned, you take a big risk with small unproven MVNOs'

  2. Mingo stopped being an interesting MVNO when it switched to Sprint. Remember, it was once affiliated with the Verizon/U.S. Cellular/Alltel side of CDMA.

  3. Is there any way to tell which MVNOs are solid choices? I have my personal cell through Verizon and my work cell through AT&T. I could save a ton of money if I switch to PagePlus and Red Pocket, which I'm considering.

    If this is what I risk, however, it's not worth it.

    1. I don't think you have to worry about Tracfone, including Straight Talk, Net10 and Simple Mobile, ever failing like Mingo did. Page Plus, which was founded in 1993 is large, seems well run and is hiring so it's probably safe, as is H2O if only because it's owned by KDDI, a Japan's second largest mobile operator. Airvoice has been around since 1999 and PlatinumTel since 2001, so they should probably be OK too.

  4. Page Plus has been around since 1993. I don't think that they're going away any time soon.

  5. I'll also add that some fairly large dealers have placed their faith in Page Plus Cellular. Kitty Wireless, the largest dealer, has put her faith and trust in PP. For me that seals the deal. Page Plus has also been slow and careful about growth and doesn't aim to be the cheapest but instead to have the most comprehensive coverage and reliability of all of the prepaids.

  6. Mingo used to have great customer care. They switched to Sprint sacrificing Verizon's larger network and byod. I don't know what happened but they were unable to hold on till BYOSD came around. I think that could have helped them. I really don't know what to make of all this. I wish Mingo's customers the best. They can put their Mingo device on any one of a number of Sprint mvnos that now allow BYOD like Prepayd, Eco, Kajeet. Boost cdma, Platinum Tel and reportedly Total Call will be getting byosd soon too. I hope it ain't so as Mingo has been around longer then say Eco or Prepayd, but if they weren't doing well, they weren't doing well.

    1. Eco unfortunately is making a return from GSM failure to CDMA. PrepaYd is a year old but has been a well established prepaid credit card company for 5 years and has been the best boost alternative product for dealers hands down.

    2. EcoMobile was GSM? That's news to me. Do you have a link to more information?

  7. My wife and I both have Mingo service and they both stopped working at the same time. What is very strange is that her number became active again two days later and is still working while mine remains dead. This leads me to hope Mingo is not gone. Anyone else have a working Mingo #?

    1. I lost my mingo connection 2 days ago, and today it started working again. Unfortunately i just got a new phone and a new number with t-mobile

  8. Is there any way at all we can transfer our number to a new carrier? I am so disappointed that this happened to this company because I was happy with their service. For them to disappear this way is so unacceptable.

    1. Because Mingo was a Sprint MVNO, I think it might technically be possible for Sprint to migrate your number to a Sprint, Boost or Virgin Mobile account. The trick is getting ahold of someone at Sprint/Virgin/Boost who is willing and able to help you.

  9. Ok More info. Doug Chung Deleted his Linked in Profile which has him as the mingoWireless Co-Founder. A little digging and found this using the Linked in Cashed Page information. Specifically this from his linked in profile.

    (Doug Chung's Education
    University of Colorado at Boulder
    MBA, Management Co-Founder of MingoWireless)

    Dig dig dig here we go.


    1. Douglas Sungjun Chung

    2. Doug Chung


    Has Lived in:
    Issaquah, WA
    Federal Way, WA
    Madison, WI
    Milwaukee, WI
    Broomfield, CO

    Related With:
    Julie Chung

    Studied at:
    University Of Colorado At Boulder

    Worked at:
    Mingo Wireless

    So then I found Julie Chung on facebook:


    Who also happened to study at:

    Studied at University of Colorado Boulder

    Works at Julie Chung photography

    Lives in Issaquah, Washington

    From Denver, Colorado

    Who has a friend with a facebook page Doug Chung.


    Anyone want to look up a who is report on Douglas Sungjun Chung? Or maybe friend his facebook page? Or ask him if he can help with your MingoWireless account?

    Julie Chung has a website for her photography which just happens to have the exact same reregistration information as MingoWireless a domain proxy service. Domains By Proxy, LLC


  10. In regards to getting our number I contacted Sprint they said they have nothing to do with our phone numbers and could not help me. =( I was told we need the account number and passcode to port the number over. Does anyone want to start a facebook group to gather users together? I am really upset that I may have lost my phone number.

    1. I've heard that some people have been able to port their Mingo numbers to other Sprint MVNOs like PrepaYd. Another person says that Kitty Wireless was able to port a Mingo number to Page Plus. Try either and lets know if it works.

  11. I have two Mingowireless phones and they both say, "your account could not be validated," when I try to use them. This happened a week or two ago and the service came back on, but now it's gone again. I can't access any information on their website about my accounts as it says "connection error." I was with Page Plus for years prior to Mingo, so I guess I'll go back to them, although I didn't get as good reception (connection capability wherever I was located when making a call.) Mingo seemed to have better connection reception.

  12. Both our Mingowireless phones were not working and now they are! Not sure how long it will last but give your phone a try folks.

  13. Ours quit working for over a week. We tried to call them and they would never answer the phone or return messages. Two days ago we switched over to Virgin Mobile but they were not able to "port over" our numbers from Mingo so we had to get new phone numbers and new phones. Then today the Mingo phones start working again! If Mingo was serious about staying in business after this you would think they would at least send an apologetic email to all of their (formerly) loyal customers, but no, nothing. Nothing on the website to acknowledge they gave no service for a week and did not even answer their phones!

  14. Mingo is dead. We just have to grow up and deal with it.

  15. Zapp to PrepaYd started on a late call on a weekend. The process was tested on the weekend and dealers flipped phones to dummy esns to esn swaps using PrepaYd's dealer portal the day the notice of cancellation was sent to dealers. Bummer on the lost airtime credits but now PrepaYd has a dummy esn function for port in's then followed up with an esn swap. Too bad mingo is pay go PrepaYd only focuses on the unlimited today.

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