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More Data and Lower Prices For Airvoice Monthly Plans

AT&T MVNO Airvoice Wireless has cut the prices of all their monthly plans by $5. The data allowance on $35/month plan has also been increased from 25 MB to 100 MB.

These changes make Airvoice less expensive than any other AT&T MVNO at the $30 through $40 price points. If you need more than 500 MB of data, Straight Talk's $45 plan, which includes "unlimited" data (actually about 2 GB/month before throttling), is still a better deal. But for anyone needing a small amount of data, or none at all, Airvoice is a good choice.

Airvoice's customer support is US based customer and generally gets very good reviews. Support hours are a bit limited, Monday through Saturday 10:00 a.m. to 10:00 p.m., closed Sundays.

Here's a table comparing Airvoice's new and old plans. All of the plans include unlimited voice minutes.

Airvoice Wireless Monthly Plans
New Price Old Price New Data Old Data SMS / MMS
$30 $35 None None Unlimited / None
$35 $40 100 MB 25 MB Unlimited / Unlimited
$40 $50 500 MB 500 MB Unlimited / Unlimited
$55 $60 1 GB 1 GB Unlimited / Unlimited
The $35 and higher monthly plans also include $10/month worth of international calls.

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  1. On the lower end, Air Voice simply dominates the Att prepaid/mvno landscape. The only real competition is Simple and other Tmobile mvnos and they lack 3G iphone data (in most markets) and have lesser overall coverage.

  2. You would think ATT GoPhone would have to eventually match this price.

    1. However if you use a lot on Intl. text, its much cheaper to use AT&T than their MVNO's.

  3. H20 just offered an Unlim TnT for $30/mo.

  4. Straight Talk prohibits ANY streaming of data except on wi-fi. You can be terminated at any time for streaming data.

  5. Try calling H2O and Straighttalk CS. You need a translator

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