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New CallingMart codes - Up to 10% Off Prepaid Airtime

CallingMart just posted new discount codes on their Facebook page and Twitter timeline. The codes are good  through Tuesday, Dec. 4th.

10% Off AT&T GoPhone refills at callingmart.com with coupon code: gvng1210.

‎7% Off Net10, Tracfone & Verizon refills at callingmart.com with coupon code: gvng127.

5% Off T-Mobile, Page Plus, Simple Mobile, H2O, Cricket, Red Pocket and Airvoice refills at callingmart.com with coupon code: gvng125.

If you use PlatinumTel or most other prepaid carriers not listed above you can get an extra 3% off Callingmart's already discounted prices using coupon code ca3p-1207. This code does not expire.

To get your discount enter the code in the "Enter Coupon Code" field on the Shopping Cart page and press the "Apply" button.

All the above coupons are good only on purchases of $18 or more.

Sign up for CallingMart's free rewards program to get an extra 1% in rewards credit with every purchase. Rewards credit can be applied to your next order.



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  1. Is there a way to use one of these cards to purchase a month of T-Mobile's $30 unlimited data + 100 minutes? Or is this just for talk minutes?

    1. Yes, you can use PIN cards to top up any T-Mobile prepaid plan including the $20 unlimited plan.

  2. is there a limit on the amount of purchases?

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