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NEW Virgin Mobile Broadband2Go $5 Daily Plan

Virgin Mobile has added a new $5 Day plan to their roster of mobile Broadband2Go plans for wireless hotspots and USB stick modems.  The $5 is good for 24 hours of unlimited WiMAX 4G data or 200 MB of EV-DO 3G data.

With a monthly cost of $150 this plan is obviously not intended for daily use. For that Virgin has $35 and $55 monthly plans. But the day plan is a great deal for travelers and others who occasionally need a day or two of high speed data. Provided you have WiMAX coverage it's the best current bang for the buck option for 1 to 3 days usage at a time. See US Prepaid Mobile Broadband Plans Compared for current prepaid broadband rates for all US carriers.

Virgin Mobile's broadband plans are only compatible with their own Virgin Mobile branded devices. Currently devices include the
$69.99 Franklin U600 3G/4G USB Stick modem (on sale until 11/26 for $34.99)
$119.99 Sierra Wireless Overdrive Pro Pro 3G/4G Mobile Hotspot (on sale until 11/26 for $59.99 )


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  1. I have a 3G Virgin Mobile MC760. They used to offer 1 week, 100 MB, for $10. When they dropped that plan their service became much less attractive for occasional use, although I often wound up with the $20/500MB/30 day plan. At some point the quality of their 3G service degraded in my area and I moved to Clear. Now VM is back in the game, with a daily rate half of Clear's. Perhaps I need to pick up one of those Overdrive Pro units... if only they weren't listed as out of stock!

    Of course all this would be moot if T-Mobile had a more liberal tethering policy and reasonable occasional-use data add-ons for their prepaid phone service.

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