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Page Plus Annouces $69.95/Month Unlimited Talk and Text Plan with 5 GB

Page Plus Cellular announced today that it will be launching a new $69.95 monthly plan "latter this month" that will include 5 GB of data as well as unlimited voice and messaging.

According to Page Plus Marketing Manager Denny Scher,

"The new top-tier plan, with its 5 GB of data, is for the 'super user' segment of customers who use a higher than average amount of mobile data."At its $69.95 price point, people who use a lot of data will be able to save quite a bit of money compared to other plans with this much data. The plan has great value, especially considering the nationwide coverage Page Plus provides."

For users who don't need 5 GB of data, Page Plus offers two other unlimited voice and messaging plans that include data, a $55 plan with 2GB and the $39.95 plan. Page Plus is a Mobile Virtual Network Operator (MVNO) which uses the Verizon network.

Source: PR Newswire


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  1. I like how Page Plus is totally honest in its marketing efforts. They don't advertise something as unlimited unless it's pretty darn close. 5GB is also a competitive amount of data.

    1. well, yes and no. Page plus had a massive law suit that they settled when they were advertizing unlimited data. Only then did they start advertizing specific data limit.

  2. Blah Blah Blah, This is an AWESOME deal. Even though Page Plus doesn't currently over 4G LTE yet, Verizon's 3G EvDo speeds in most areas across the US are pretty darn fast. Fast enough to watch YouTube videos without buffering. And I am pretty sure Verizon within 2013 time frame will allow Page Plus to offer 4G LTE service. Ting (Sprint MVNO) has offered 4G LTE and Wimax for a couple of months now and is going to allow you to BYOD Sprint smart phone this month or next. Which is very nice cause you can buy an used/unlocked Sprint Android phone for much cheaper then Verizon LTE phones. The only downside with Ting is that they don't have an Unlimited Talk, Text or Data plans currently. And their Data amount and cost per MB is much more expensive then any other MVNO. So if/when they offer better Data plan service cost, they aren't that intriguing. But this new Page Plus 5GB Data plan is great. Especially since you can BYOD Verizon smart phone and use.

  3. Don't ever compare what Sprint is doing to there slow useless network to Verizon. I have used both and Verizon prepaid 3G network is reliable. Sprint's prepaid network is horrible. I wish Page Plus would have upper the $29 plans data to 1GB.

  4. T-Mobile's prepaid 5GB plan is also $70, and it's 4G -- which PagePlus doesn't have (yet?). I /thought/ it included tethering/hotspot use at that price, but their web site doesn't seem to say that anymore.

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  6. speeds for t mobile were actually clocked faster than verizon in 11 major cities. You have to be careful about what people randomly report on here. Verizon has better nation wide coverage, that's all.


  7. I am happy to see that Page Plus is stepping up their game and that Verizon is realizing the profit it could make by its oldest MVNO it has. For a person who has a CDMA phone and don't want to be in contract or live in areas where VZW has the strongest signal then it should be happy days for customers on a budget. What I really want to see is a BYOD policy without the hassle. Vzw 3g is good enough to do your basic task on any smartphone that runs on its network since Vzw is putting subscribers to their LTE network I am sure it has clear a lot of the traffic and provide a great experience for Page Plus customers.

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