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PlatinumTel Launching BYOD and $40 Unlimited Everything Plan Next Month

I don't have any details on this but the banner pictured above popped up on Sprint MVNO PlatinumTel's website this morning. It announces that a new $40/month unlimited everything plan and Bring Your Own Phone (BYOD) will be available in December 2012.

I'm glad to see PlatinumTel getting BYOD. It's a great feature for users and something every carrier needs to stay competitive. I suspect device eligibility will be the same as with other Sprint MVNOs; Sprint phones only with no iPhones, BlackBerrys or LTE devices allowed.

PlatinumTel has long had one of the most affordable pay as you plans in the business with rates of 5¢/minute, 2¢/text and 10¢/MB of data but their monthly plans and device selection have been less than spectacular. BYOD will fix the device issue and the $40 plan looks promising, although I wonder about data caps and throttling and if smartphones will be allowed at that price point. I also hope that the current great pay as you go rates survive these changes.

Another recent change to the PlatinumTel site is that there are only four phones available and they all cost $99.99 or more. None of PlatinumTel's old coupon codes work either. This is a big change from last month where phone prices started at $29.99 and you could get a free phone if you bought some airtime.  In response to complaints about the high phone prices, PlatinumTel posted on their Facebook page,

"We have a lot of changes heading this way which includes an entirely new handset line-up. Expect to see these changes emerge around the holiday season. The reason why there has been price changes, as well as newer and older promos no longer being offered are because we have a very limited quantity of the remaining handsets we have available".
I hope to learn more soon but it does l like good things are coming to PlatinumTel users next month.

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  1. I saw this on their website this morning. I've been a Real PayGo PlatinumTel customer for almost a year and love their service. I just hope these changes don't affect PayGo rates since I spend less than $4/month with this.

  2. Well guys be very careful. MVNO's are a dime a dozen now, and many more are in the pipeline.Read article about Mingo.

  3. Platinum Tel is one of the largest and oldest Sprint mvnos out there. Along with Total Call , Ready Mobile and a handful of others, I'd say they're not going to go out of business any time soon. BYOSD will allow this Sprint mvno go to head to head with the Tmobile ones nearly. Though there are no iphones, Blackberries or LTE devices, there are tons of other Sprint phones that will work including Windows Mobile/Phone, Android, Wimax , feature phones and others. Sprint allowing BYOSD is the BEST move they've made in their mvno program ever just about. Combining a solid mvno with this is a great package. Just in time for Christmas.

  4. There's going to be a major shock in this byod plot. A major one. Be prepared for a big surprise next month.

  5. Yeah, they are NOT Going on Bring Your Own SPRINT Device but a different option.

  6. Cat is out the bag on Platinumtel's website and from a dealer. The byod is on the T-Mobile network.

    1. Interesting, hopefully it includes a good pay as you go data option. That's the one thing missing from T-Mobile and its MVNOs offerings.

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