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Red Pocket Mobile Adds More Data to Monthly Plans

Today AT&T MVNO Red Pocket Mobile doubled the data allowance included with a couple of their monthly plans.

  • The 39.99 Unlimited Talk, Text and MMS plan which used to include 25 MB of data now comes with 50 MB. 
  • The $49.99 Unlimited Talk, Text and MMS plan's data allowance goes from 250 MB to 500 MB. 

There is no change to the $55 Unlimited Talk, Text and MMS plan which includes 1 GB of data. If you run out of data before your plan month is up on any of these plans you can buy additional data but it's ridiculously expensive at $10 for 10 MB or $25 for 25 MB.

With these changes, Red Pocket matches fellow MVNOs Airvoice H2O and Jolt's data allowances at the $50 price point and beats all of them except H2O at the $40 level. The others all have more reasonable overage rates however. See Five AT&T MVNO's Compared for handy tables comparing all the AT&T MVNO options.

Red Pocket is a good choice if you make international calls regularly. International voice rates are low, 1¢/minute to many countries, and Red Pocket's monthly plans priced at $39.99 and higher include a $2/month international calling credit which is good for up to 200 minutes/month. Red Pocket also has convenient international direct dialing ( +1 - country code - city code - phone number, no access code required).

Source: Red Pocket Mobile via HowardForums


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  1. H20 Wireless changed the $40 plan to include 100mb several days ago, so this plan is better than Red Pocket.

    1. You're right I missed seeing the H2O change. I've updated this post and the AT&T MVNO comparison to reflect the change.

  2. Ho hum. They really need to so something on the higher end. Gig and up.

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