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Simple Mobile's $40 Plan Now Includes 250 MB of High Speed Data

Tracfone subsidiary Simple Mobile, has posted on their Facebook Page "Starting Today! Giving you a bit more. How about 4G starting at $40?" The image gives the details, the first 250 MB of data per month will be delivered at full 4G HSPA+ speeds where available. After hitting the 250 MB threshold, speeds will be throttled to approximately 240 Kbps. The slower speed data is advertised as unlimited, but users have reported that after using about 3 GB their data is shut off for the remainder of the plan month. Before today all data use on the $40 plan was throttled to 240 Kbps.

Simple runs on the T-Mobile network which offers HSPA+ 4G in most major cities. T-Mobile's HSPA+ is  fast, with a theoretical top speed of 42 Mbps and real world speeds running between 2 and 10 Mbps.

The Simple $40 plan was already a good deal and this change makes it even better. In addition to data, it also includes unlimited voice minutes and unlimited text messaging, including international texting. The throttled speed is quite usable too. The only downside with Simple is that it's limited to T-Mobile native coverage (map) which is quite limited compared with AT&T or Verizon. Also, outside of cities, much of T-Mobile's network is 2G only.

Simple Mobile is a SIM only operator. SIMs cost $12.99 on the Simple Mobile site but are available for under a dollar with free shipping on Amazon.  A T-Mobile USA or unlocked GSM phone with support for the 1900 Mhz band is required. T-Mobile's 3G and 4G service is mostly on the 1700 Mhz but T-Mobile is starting to offer 3G/4G on iPhone and unlocked AT&T phone friendly 1900 Mhz in some areas (map).

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  1. Simple Mobile is responding by firing a preemptive strike at the first of a new generation of Tmobile mvnos, Ultra. Yesswap already wrote an article about Ultra who has suffered from delays in its launch both self inflicted and because of Hurricane Sandy. There is a lot of Tmobile mvno activity lately with fellow Tmobile mvno Spot getting a new lineup of plans. Simple was Tmobile's first majorly successful mvno creation and though now owned by Tracfone/America Movil Group, continues to be one of the leading new mvnos. The other Tmobile mvnos have a tough act to follow. At least when it comes to unlimited and data.

    1. A lot of these plans take time to negotiate so don't assume it's a pre-emptive strike.

      What is interesting is the different throttle speeds: 240 kbps for Simple Mobile while it's 128 kbps for Ultra Mobile.

      I don't know about you but 3GB of data at 240 kbps takes a LONG time. This assume you get a steady 240 kbps transfer rate, which is doubtful.

  2. There is no such thing as unlimited anything on any MVNO, period. They all will cut you loose, around the 5K-6K minutes, 5K-10K texts, and 2GB-3GB data per month. The only unlimited plans are with the networks themselves, however its more expensive. The FCC/FTC should prohibit all MVNO's from advertising "UNLIMITED" plans, to avoid confusion, frustrations, and misunderstanding.

    1. You have to read the fine print. Take Straight Talk for instance, how they define "web surfing" may not be your definition of web surfing.

      Then you have to think about what "unlimited" means and how it is applied. The contract typically has a caveat that addresses how your activity does not harm them or their network.

      This is all spelled out in the contract but people don't read the contract or don't fully understand the contract. My lawyer always told me that if I don't like the terms to a contract, then don't enter into one.

      In summary, let's be honest and just admit our expectations are too high when it comes to unlimited. I have Virgin Mobile where the first 2.5 GB of data are 3G speed per month, and anything after that Virgin throttles my data for the balance of the month. If it weren't for those few people who took advantage of Virgin's goodwill that led to the stadium effect, Virgin would not have to resort to throttling. The last thing I need is the FTC to pass needless regulations because people can't read or understand the wireless contract.

    2. One more thing -- I have Verizon for data where I get 5 GB of 4G data a month for $50 (on a 2-year contract). I hate these contracts because it's a use or lose and if I go over by 1 bit over the 5 GB limit, then that a $10 fee since that 1 bit is part of the maginal MB of data.

      Here's what I mean by use or lose. Any unused MB is lost forever once the month ends. If I use 1GB for the month, then it comes out to $50 a GB in cost for that month. If I use 4 GB, then the cost drops to $12.50 a GB. Therefore, to minimize my cost per GB, I have to come close to 5 GB a month without going over. I hate the fact that I pay for 5 GB of data each month but those unused data has NO VALUE once the month is over. I really would like a rollover plan for my unused data since I paid for it. Perhaps, this is something the FTC should look into first but I doubt it since the Verizon contract addresses this issue.

  3. is it true about the 3gb limit? also is it possible to have hotspot functionality on the blackberry pearl flip 8220?

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