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Ultra Mobile Announces "Call Me Free" - Free Calls to Your Phone From 44 Countries

Today T-Mobile MVNO Ultra Mobile announced a new service that lets your international friends and family call your Ultra Mobile phone from around the globe for the cost of a local call.

Dubbed "Call Me Free" the new offering lets Ultra Mobile customers give family and friends in 44 countries a local access number they can use to call Ultra Mobile subscribers using any type of phone (landline, mobile, or VOIP) for the same rate as a local call. The caller will be prompted to enter the Ultra Mobile subscriber's number and the call will be completed at no extra cost to the caller or Ultra Mobile customer.

Call Me Free will launch November 20. Local access numbers will be a available in 44 countries including Canada, Mexico, many Latin American and European Countries, the Philippines and Australia. There's a list of covered countries and access numbers here.

Ultra already offered a lot to users with a need to communicate internationaly; low international voice rates, no extra cost international texting and up to $20 per month in free international call credit. Call Me Free makes the service even more attractive to international users by making international calls essentially free for both the non-US caller and the Ultra Mobile customer.

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  1. The Philippines is definitely not part of those countries, I don't even have to look. Short of North Korea or Cuba, they have the most restrictive and expensive phone system in the world, well....unless of course you butter someone in the gov's fingers.

    1. You are right, the Philipines is not shown as a supported country on the Ultra site. I'm pretty sure I saw listed there yesterday.

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