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New Promo Code - $10 off any Tracfone $49.99 or Higher

Tracfone has lots of codes that give you extra minutes when adding airtime. But they hardly ever issue discount codes that are good on new phone purchases.

Thanks to a Howard Forums user who received the code in a text from Tracfone and shared it on the forum we now have one.

The code is 2012D and it gives you a $10 off any phone on tracfone.com that's priced at $49.99 or higher. The code is good through Dec 31, 2012

It even works on phones that come with a free gift card like the new Samsung S390G and new LG 530G BlackBerry style QWERTY phones. Both cost $49.99 and come with a $10 gift card. Use the code to cut the effective cost to just $29.99. Shipping is free too.

Source: Howard Forums




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