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New Virgin Mobile USA Price Cuts and Sale

Virgin Mobile has permanently cut the prices of two phones. The LG Optimus Slider Android QWERTY phone's price has dropped from $129.99 to just $49.99 and the HTC One V Android phone has been cut from $249.99 to $149.99. Plus the One V is on sale for $99.99 until Jan 3rd.

Virgin also put the Optimus Elite, HTC Evo V, Samsung Galaxy S II and all of its mobile broadband devices on sale. Here's a list of all of Virgin's current sale prices:

Ovation MC760 3G USB stick modem $9.99 (reg $49.99) (ends 1/3)

Novatel MiFi 2200 3G wireless hotspot $19.99 (reg $99.99) (ends 1/3)

LG Optimus Slider Android QWERTY $39.99 (reg $49.99) (ends 1/3)

U600 3G/4G USB stick modem $39.99 (reg $69.99) (ends 12/21)

PCD Chaser Android phone $49.99 (reg $79.99) (ends 1/7)

LG Optimus Elite Android phone $79.99 (reg $129.99) (ends 1/3)

Overdrive Pro 3G/4G wireless hotspot $79.99 (reg $119.99) (ends 12/21)

HTC One V Android phone $99.99 (reg $149.99) (ends 1/3)

Samsung Galaxy Reverb Android phone $149.99 (reg $199.99) (ends 1/3)

HTC Evo V Android phone $149.99 (reg $279.99) (ends 1/3)

Motorola Triumph Android phone $199.99 (reg $279.99) (ends 1/7)

Samsung Galaxy S II Android phone $329.99 (reg $369.99) (ends 1/7)

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