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Spot Mobile $39.99 and $49.99 Monthly Plans Get Unlimited Data

Two of T-Mobile MVNO Spot Mobile's three unlimited monthly talk and text plans now include unlimited data.  There is a throttle point at which speeds are reduced, but the amount of unthrottled is four or five times greater than what the plans used to include. The changed plans are:

  • $39.99 Unlimited Voice, Texts and Data with the first 500 MB at full 4G speeds. The old data allowance was just 100 MB total. 
  • $49.99 Unlimited Voice, Texts and Data with the first 1 GB at full 4G speeds. The old data allowance was 250 MB total. 

The throttled speed is believed to be about 128 Kbps. As before, both plans also include unlimited international text messaging. The $49.99 also includes unlimited calls to landlines in Mexico, Columbia, Venezuela and Canada

Spot's other plans (listed below) remain unchanged.  The $59.99 plan no longer makes any sense as it doesn't offer anything beyond what the $49.99 does plan does and it has less data and lacks the unlimited calls to landlines in Mexico, Columbia, Venezuela and Canada.

Here is the complete lineup of Spot's new plans.
Unlimited Plans
Price Duration Voice Texts (Domestic and International) Data (Web & MMS)
$39.99 30 Days Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited (throttled after 500 MB)
$49.99 30 Days Unlimited & some international 1 Unlimited Unlimited (throttled after 1 GB)
$59.99 30 Days Unlimited Unlimited 500 MB
$14.99 7 Days Unlimited & some international 1 Unlimited 50 MB
$24.99 15 days Unlimited & some international 1 Unlimited Nationwide and International Text 100 MB

Monthly Saving Plans
Price Voice Texts (Domestic and International) Data
$9.99 50 Minutes 50 None
$14.99 250 Minutes 250 50 MB
$24.99 500 Minutes 500 50 MB
$29.99 1200 Minutes 500 50 MB
Mobile Web Packages - Can be Added to Any Plan
$10.00 100MB 30 Day Expiration
$15.00 250MB 30 Day Expiration
$25.00 500MB 30 Day Expiration

Pay As You Go Plan
Refill Denominations Duration Minimum Monthly Cost Voice Texts (Domestic and International) Data (Web & MMS)
$5, $10, $20 and $30 90 Days  $1.67 10¢/Minute 5¢/Each $10 100 MB
$15 250 MB
$25 500 MB

International Calling Programs - Can be Added to Any Plan 2
$10 Unlimited International Talk Unlimited calls to 5 numbers in 1 country (landline only) 30 Day Expiration
$10 International Super 500 Minutes 500 minutes to 50 Countries (landline only) 30 Day Expiration
2 On pay as you go, the standard 10¢/minute air time rate will will be added to the international rate.

These changes make Spot's plans much more competitive with other T-Mobile MVNOs like Simple Mobile, Ultra and the soon to launch PTel GSM. At the $40 price point, Spot seems to be the winner with 500 MB of unthrottled data compared with 250 MB for Simple and Ptel and none with Ultra. At the $50 level the tables are turned with with Simple and Ptel including 2 GB of unthrottled data vs Spot's 1 GB. Simple's throttled speed is also faster, 240 Kbps vs 128 Kbps for Spot.

Source: Spot Mobile via HowardForums


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  1. The $40 Spot monthly plan looks very good for the average smartphone user who talks and texts a lot.
    Avg smartphone data use is still less than 500mb/month. This plan would be less expensive than Straight Talk Unlimited, and probably no hassle or cutoff like ST does if you exceed 100mb/day for several days.

    What about that $10/month plan? Why would anyone ever pick it over the PayGo plan?

    1. Spot Mobile should match the other MVNOs at 250mb unthrottled data, but for $30 a month and they would dominate!

  2. To bad TMobile doesn't work well in my home, otherwise, I would consider it.

    1. T-mo works well outdoors, almost never indoors (unless you are within 500 feet of a cell tower) due to the 1.9Ghz bend they use.

    2. I have the same problem with ATT where I live! T-Mobile works fine in my house...

  3. You need to fixed the paragraph regarding prices -- $39.99 for 500 MB but $49.99 for the 1GB of 4G data, respectively.

  4. Typo article para. 1, second bullet: * $49.99, not $39.99

  5. Spot is pulling an Air Voice, fighting on the low end and leaving the higher end for Net10, Straight Talk, etc. Their plan bets Air Voice's newly revamped $40 unlimited talk/text/mms/500 mb high speed data because Air Voice hardcaps after 500, n0 throttle.

    Att mvnos have the following things going for them, better overall coverage, 3G iphone coverage.

    Tmobile mvnos have way more data, lower paygo data .
    both have gsm byod.

    1. Tmobile now supports iPhone 3G/4G speeds in 18 markets, providing faster data than AT&T for the 4S. This will continue in more markets. Eventually AT&T will give their MVNOs a break on data to retain customers.

    2. Tmob announced this week that they now have 37 markets refarmed to support 3G/4G on unlocked AT&T phones like the iPhone.

  6. Would love to see the same kind of offerings from Verizon MVNO's (Page Plus, TalkForGood). Even if just for 3G.

  7. I'm assuming their on TMos network. But they don't have a coverage map on their site...


    1. Yes, it is Tmobile's prepaid coverage, minus the roaming on AT&T shown in "Partner" areas when you zoom in on the Tmo map.

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