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Don't Get Stuck With A Stolen Phone - Use This Free Page Plus ESN Validation Tool

Page Plus online dealer Kitty Wireless has launched a free ESN Validation Tool. When you enter a phone's electronic serial number (ESN or MEID), it will send you an email with the following information:
  • If a phone is clear for use on Page Plus. If it's not clear, the tool will tell you why; which could be because the phone was reported lost, stolen, or was blacklisted for non-payment by Verizon or because the phone is active with another Verizon MVNo or is a Verizon preppaid phone which is ineligible for use on Page Plus.
  • The make & model of the phone, if it's is available in the Page Plus Database.
  • If the phone is already active on Page Plus, it will tell you the cellular number that it's active on.
This is a great tool. If you are buying a used phone to use on Page Plus you should use it to verify if the phone can be activated.

Unfortunately, some unscrupulous folks have been know to sell a phone and then report it as lost in order to make an insurance claim causing the phone to be unusable. I recommend only buying used phones from family members or people you know or from online businesses like eBay or CowBoom that provide buyer protection or a guarantee.

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  1. This has been up for a little while now, and I used it in December to check the Verizon Droid Incredible I use currently through MetroPCS. There is checkesnfree.com out there as well, but it was inconclusive for me, not giving me a definite answer and directing me to contact Verizon. Using Kitty's checker, I had an email back within a couple of hours with actual details, showing the phone blacklisted with Verizon, sadly. However, I give Kitty props for making the tool available with useful info, and doing so for free.

    I'm seriously considering getting service with them, which is how I came across their site and ESN checker, and based on that experience along with what I've seen of the forums, I get the sense that they actually care about their customers. Good service AND reasonably priced coverage via the Verizon network is a hard combination to beat, in my opinion.

  2. Does this apply to GSM phones? I had read somewhere that it didn't...


    1. Kitty Wireless' web app only works with CDMA phones.

      However GSM phones do get blacklisted for non-payment or if reported lost or stolen. Blacklisted GSM phones can not be activated on AT&T or T-Mobile or any of their MVNOs. I don't know of any online checker for GSM phones but if you call AT&T they can tell you if an IMEI is blacklisted.

  3. Hey Anonymous,
    All the things you listed are available through Page Plus, not Kitty. Kitty Wireless is just a dealer. In fact, they're dealers who charge a ton of money for all of their services. Guys like PagePlusCA, Page Plus Dealer, etc do much cheaper activations, esn changes and ports for 1/10 of the price. You should consider your options since there are definitely lots of them out there!

    1. The Kitty Wireless free ESN Validation Tool is not available from any other dealer or Page Plus Cellular.

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