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Expired!: Free Ptel SIM and $40 PIN For $20 Deal

T-Mobile MVNO Ptel has resurrected their popular SIMWOOT40 promotion that includes a SIM and a $40 airtime card for $20.

Here's how to get in on it:
  • Go to the PTel Website 
  • On the Phones page click the add to cart button. Then enter your zip code if prompted.
  • On the next page, click the picture of the SIM card to add it to the card.
  • Choose the $40 Unlimited Everything Plan and click the picture of the topup card on the next page.
  • Then click the checkout button and and enter SIMWOOT40 in the coupon code box.

The $40 PIN can be used to fund any of Ptel's plans listed below.
Plan Cost Voice Minutes Texts MMS Data
Real PayGo $10/60days* 5¢/each 2¢/each 2¢/each 10¢/MB
$40 Unlimited Everything $40/30 days unlimited unlimited unlimited unlimited (throttled to 128 kbps after 250 MB)
$50 Unlimited Everything $50/30 days unlimited unlimited unlimited unlimited (throttled to 128 kbps after 2 GB)
Ptel operates on the T-Mobile native network (no roaming). Ptel SIMs will work with any T-Mobile USA or unlocked GSM phone.

Update: Expired!



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  1. So the $40 pin can be used for Paygo, but the catch is that you have just agreed to buy the $40 month plan which I dont want. Can yo stay on paygo or is the sim locking you into the monthly plan instead?

    1. Put a SIM card in your cart. After Zip code verification, you can pick the Real PayGo GSM option for service. Choose a $40 top up and put the promo code in to get the discount.

  2. Are you sure Ptel SIMs will work with T-Mobile phone? I have a few old t-mobile samsung phones, and I think they were locked to T-mobile. Can i use them with Ptel sim without any unlocking?

    1. GSM MVNO SIMs generally do work in phones locked to the actually mobile network operator providing the service. SIM locking restricts the phone to SIMs coded witha specific MCC/MNC (mobile country code/mobile network code). In order to work, MVNO SIMs must coded with the underlying operator's MCC/MNC.

      Plus, Ptel SIMs working with T-Mobile USA locked phones has been confirmed by several users.

  3. that SIMWOOT40 discount code worked for me today Saturday, January 12, 2013. selected the Real PayGo option. total price BEFORE discount is $44.99 (for the $4.99 sim card and the $40 top-up refill card). and then AFTER applying the SIMWOOT40 discount is only $20.00. only twenty bucks!!! woohoo!!! now anxiously waiting to get it delivered in the mail.

    prepaidphonenews.com is the best with these tips! so, a bit thank you so very much for this tip because wanted to go PTEL after finding out they are now on Tmobile with sim cards.

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