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Jan 9 is the Last Day to Get MetroPCS' $30 and $55 Unlimited LTE Plans

MetroPCS' $30 and $55 unlimited LTE promotional plans are going away. Neither plan will be available after next Wednesday Jan 9. 

Although the plans' availability is ending, customers can keep the plans indefinitely as long as they don't let the plan expire and keep using an LTE phone. 

Both plans were originally set to expire Jan 2 but Metro extended them for one more week. Both plans require an LTE capable phone. 

The $55 plan provides unlimited voice, messaging and truly unlimited, un-throttled data at 4G LTE speeds of up to 4 Mbps. For customers on family plans, there's a $5 discount on up to three additional lines, so the new plan is only $50 per month on the account's second, third and fourth lines.

When this plan is gone unlimited everything with no throttling will cost you $70/month on MetroPCS. The $70 plan does include Rhapsody Unlimited Music and MetroStudio Video On Demand, which the $55 plan lacks.

The $55 plan is available online at MetroPCS.com or at MetroPCS stores and authorized dealers. An LTE capable Android phone is required. LTE phone prices range from $149.00 for the LG Motion 4G or ZTE Avid 4G to $499 for the Samsung Galaxy S III.

The $30 plan also includes unlimited voice, messaging and data. However, only the first 250 MB of data per month is delivered at full LTE speeds of about 4 Mbps. After 250 MB speeds are throttled to 170 Kbps or less. Unlike the $55 Plan, there are some hoops you have to jump through to get the $30 deal:

  • The customer must purchase a new LTE phone at a MetroPCS store or authorized dealer (store locator), not online. Used phones and re-activations are not eligible.
  • There's $10 promotion fee that must be paid at time of activation.
  • Existing users switching to the plan must buy a new phone, pay the $10 activation fee plus a $10 upgrade fee.
  • The only available add-ons are CallerID Blocking, MetroGuard phone insurance and Data Top Up.
  • Family plan discounts are not available with this plan.
Given that the Metro's non-promotional price for an unlimited plan with a 250 MB/month throttle point is $40/month, it's definitely worth seeking out a dealer and paying the activation fee.

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  1. Dont bother to sign up with Metro, their CDMA and LTE phones will only be good for another year or so, after they merge with T-Mobile, they have to switch to HSPA+ and a different band of LTE, compatible with T-Mo network, and their plans are almost the same price as T-Mo MVNO's.

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