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New Boost and T-Mobile Prepaid Phone Deals

Boost Mobile and T-Mobile put several prepaid phones on sale today.

The best deal is on T-Mobile's dual core LG Optimus L9 4G which was already on sale for $249.99. The L9 just had it's price cut again to $199.99. To make the deal even sweeter the phone comes with a free $50 T-Mobile airtime card which can be used to fund any T-Mobile prepaid plan whether it's a monthly or daily plan or pay as you go.

Update: the L9 no longer comes with a $50 card.

Boost Mobile put eight of its phones on sale today. They are the:

Sale end dates, where shown, are subject to change based on availability and the whims of Boost and T-Mobile. It's best to act fast if one of these deals appeals to you.


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  1. Denver, Los Angeles, San Diego and Virginia Beach, Va. are now covered by the upgraded, refarmed Tmobile network. You can get 3G data on AT&T phones like the iPhone. 46 Metro areas are now upgraded.

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