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New PTel Discount Code - $25% Off Phone or SIM and 1st Month of Service

The SIMWOOT40 promotion for T-Mobile MVNO PTel customers has ended. It got you a SIM and $40 airtime card for $20.

The good news is that there's a new discount code that is a lot more flexible. It takes 25% off the total price of any phone or SIM plus airtime purchase.  Here's how it works.
  • Go to the PTel Website 
  • On the Phones page click the add to cart button for a SIM or any of the phones. Then enter your zip code if prompted.
  • On the next page, click the picture of the SIM card or phone to add it to the card.
  • On the next page, choose any plan and thenclick the picture of the topup card on the next page.
  • Then click the checkout button and and enter PTEL25SD in the coupon code box.
According to PTel's Facebook page, this code is good until "sometime next week",

Ptel operates on the T-Mobile native network (no roaming). Ptel SIMs will work with any T-Mobile USA or unlocked GSM phone. The following plans are available:
Plan Cost Voice Minutes Texts MMS Data
Real PayGo $10/60days* 5¢/each 2¢/each 2¢/each 10¢/MB
$40 Unlimited Everything $40/30 days unlimited unlimited unlimited unlimited (throttled to 128 kbps after 250 MB)
$50 Unlimited Everything $50/30 days unlimited unlimited unlimited unlimited (throttled to 128 kbps after 2 GB)
* Other refill denominations are available; $20/90days, $30/120 days, $50/180 days, $100/365 days.

Update: A sharp eyed reader just alerted me to the fact that PTel is now selling the OEM refurbished iPhone 3GS for $149.99 or $112.99 with after discount.

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Source: Slickdeals via Facebook




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  1. I am with Simple Mobile for about 4 months now and is it only me or T-Mobile coverage is pretty crappy compare to AT&T?? in large parts of southern California I get weak to no signal where with AT&T I used to get 4-5 bars constantly.

    1. T-Mobile's native coverage area is much smaller than AT&T's. It's best for urban dwellers who don't go out in the boonies much.

  2. I've noticed that it's been said in several places that PTel has no roaming, but their coverage maps appears to be as big as T-Mobile's and much bigger than the no-roaming Gosmartmobile map.

    I'm waiting on a sim to give it a try in Houston.

    1. GoSmart and PTel coverage is the same. PTel's map is misleading.

      When you zoom in on PTel's map all that extra coverage turns light green, which according to the map means "Service Partner". And below the map it says "Coverage in Mexico and Canada and that provided by Service Partner not included"

    2. I probably wouldn't have bothered trying them if your interpretation is correct. I have to make a trip into zip code 71327 in few weeks. It's a wasteland on my Verizon phone and in the middle of what the map says is a large service partner area for PTel. Will report back.

      BTW, when I opened the PTel coverage page, I noticed that the map actually is pulled out of the T-Mobile site.
      Thanks for the response.

    3. I just wanted to confirm that you were indeed correct. I decided to just write to PTel CS and ask about it, using the zip code I gave as an example and saying that if they don't have service of any type there I wanted to cancel the order. Got an email back within two hours saying in part:

      "Thank you for contacting Ptel Mobile. We apologize for any inconvenience. At this moment areas patterned by Service Partner are not yet supported by Ptel Mobile. We may certainly review your account for credit. "

      A shame, it sounded pretty reasonable otherwise.

    4. got that PTEL discount deal and waiting to see when the E on my iphone turns to 3G all the time in my area in california. seems like if you are in the somewhat more major/metro/urban/commercial areas, then the 3G is there but if you are in suburban housing areas, then the 3G may be spotty or weak where the E and 3G on my iPhone may keep switching back and forth until finally settling on E. so, here's hoping things get better in a few months because don't want (can't) move to another neighborhood that has better 3G reception.

  3. I see that you can get an iPhone 3GS OEM refurb, unlocked, for $112.50 with this discount. Good deal!

    1. Wow, you are right. When did PTel start selling iPhones?

    2. Demand for iPhone and Sprint's refusal to allow activation may be one of the main reasons they switched to GSM.

    3. When can Ptel sell iphone4s or 4? I then can buy one .

  4. PTel's Paygo plan is excellent if no data usage involved. However, when data is added, Paygo is just so so. E.g. the very basic data usage for an iphone would be 200-300MB per month, that would cost about 20-30 dollars on Paygo plan. It only makes sense to use smartphone with monthly plan, not Paygo plan.

    1. agree with you there if you really use your smartphone a lot without wifi.

      but if you use wifi a lot, then you may get away with maybe data at 50meg a month on the PTEL PayGo plan. that's what was previously happening on my iphone when mostly did wifi and only needed data when went outside the house. (nowadays, however, it's different for me on my regular iPhone where use a little less wifi while still using AT&T GoPhone with the $25/mo plan plus putting on an occasional $5 for a data package at twice a month; but if Tmobile put more consistent 3G in my area then would definitely switch to the PTEL $40 unlimited plan.)

      my first trying out PTEL PayGo on my backup iPhone starting today with $40 (where got the $20 discount for the sim and the $40 top-up), my account says that data will be blocked at 250meg. so it is apparently not like you can use up to the amount that is paid for. nonetheless, what is nice about the PTEL PayGo is that for $40 gets you five months and if you don't do much with voice calls and use wifi most of the time on the iPhone but need some data when you are away from wifi, then PTEL PayGo is a good deal. currently have this on my backup iPhone and think this is very economical to have voice-text-data on a bare minimum prepaid.

      for me, it's a situation of going from H20 to PTEL on the backup iPhone even though have a good amount of $$ still on H20, but where the one thing that really like about PTEL versus H20 is that balance notifications are turned off on PTEL as a default (but you can turn them on if you want in the account settings on the PTEL website), but on H20 you can't turn off those #*%! annoying balance notifications like you can on AT&T GoPhone.

  5. http://prepaidmobilephonereviews.com/ptel-to-launch-new-mvno-giv-mobile-next-month/

    PTel to launch new MVNO Giv Mobile next month.

    1. Interesting. The source for that article is an interview FierceWireless did with a PTel SVP last week. It also says PTel plans to launch a partially ad-supported service in the third or forth quarter.

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