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Page Plus Lowers $12 Plan Overage Rates

Page Plus Cellular's marketing manager Denny Scher announced today on Howard Forums that effective immediately, overage rates on "The 12" Plan are being lowered by 50%.  Here are the new and old rates:

  • Voice Minutes - 5¢ per minute (was 10¢) 
  • SMS - $5¢ each sent or received (was 10¢) 
  • MMS - 5¢ each sent or received, plus data used (was 10¢ each) 
  • Data - 10¢ per megabyte (was 20¢/MB) 

The 12 Plan, as it's name suggests costs, $12 per month. It includes 250 voice minutes, 250 messages and $10 MB of date. To ensure uninterrupted service users can add a cash balance to their account. Overage rates are charged against the cash balance when a user exceeds the plan's induced bundle of minutes, messages or data.

The Page Plus website is still showing the old rates, but according to Scher, it will be updated in the next 24 hours.


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  1. Airvoice Wireless: $10 per month for 500 text/250 voice
    Jolt Wireless: $15 per month for the same.
    Only difference no 10MB of data that Page Plus has.
    Aircoice and Jolt use AT&T with no roaming charges. Page Plus does charge for roaming using Verizon's network.
    Very close comparable plans depending on personal needs and tastes.

    1. Jolt ad says they charge 99c per minute for roaming. Pageplus charges 29c.
      Jolt's $15 plan takes you to the PayGo plan instead.
      Jolt's data costs either 30 or 33c per MB, depending on the ad page.
      Airvoice charges 33c per MB.
      The post says the data overage rate is now only 10c per MB with Pageplus.

    2. Airvoice and Jolt's plans are for 250 minutes OR 500 texts. Page Plus' $12 plan is 250 minutes AND 250 texts. Airvoice's plan is really a PAYGO plan with 2¢ texts and 4¢ voice minutes and unused cash balance rolls over which is an advantage. The Airvoice and Page Plus plans are both good values but they aren't directly comparable.

    3. In Air voice if you set auto refill you can roll over bal (Minute) which is the best thing you can't do this none of them

    4. Almost all pay by the minute plans have roll over including Airvoice, H2O, RedPocket, GoPhone, T-Mobile, PTel, TracFone and Ecomobile. Auto refill isn't required either, as long as you refill before plan expiration, the balance rolls over.

  2. You can't compare anything AT&T to Verizon. Where I live, if you want coverage outside of city limits, you need Verizon.

  3. This change makes The 12 the lowest cost plan for my current average use, $21 for 250-50-100. It used to be an expensive choice, at $30.

    Ting, at $21 plus ~$3 tax gives me double the minutes and texts, plus the option of 400 extra mb for $10 more, so it is probably a better value.

    Ptel costs $23.50.

    Combinations of Ting and Pageplus or Ptel Pay-go on two devices cost $19-$20.50 plus $3 or $1.50 Ting taxes, and provide a way to get extra data at low cost.

    These are very price-competitive for me now.

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