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Page Plus "MEBILS" 5¢/MB PayGo Data Option Canceled

Back in October Page Plus dealer Kitty Wireless reported that Page Plus would be making some exciting changes to their prepaid monthly plans.

These changes, dubbed the "Monthly Expired Bundle-in-Limbo Solution" or MEBILS for short by users on the Kitty Wireless Forum, were supposed to make it possible to use a monthly plan as a pay as go plan with rates of 5¢ per voice minute, 5¢ per text message and 5¢ per MB of data and a $10 monthly minimum payment.

The way MEBILS was supposed to work was that:

  1. Page Plus would adopt a standardized overage rate of 5¢ per minute, 5¢ per text and 5¢ per MB of data for all monthly plans priced at $29.95 and higher. That change went into effect Nov 8, 2012.
  2. Users on monthly plans that failed to renew due to insufficient funds but who had at least a $5 balance would be charged the new overage rates instead of the 12¢/minute, 99¢/MB and 5¢/SMS that PagePlus used to charge on plans that failed to renew. That change went into effect Dec 5th, 2012.
  3. Users on expired monthly plans would be able to keep the 5¢ per minute, MB and SMS rates indefinitely by adding at least $10 every 30 days. 
The problem was that part 3, the ability to stay on MEBILS indefinitely by adding $10 every 30 days never worked. As soon as a $10 PIN was added, the plan reverted to the old expired monthly plan rates of 12¢/minute, 99¢/MB and 5¢/SMS! This was initially categorized by Kitty Wireless as a bug that Page Plus would fix although the fix might take weeks or even months.

It now appears that MEBILS is dead. Kitty Wireless posted the following statement on the Kitty Forum:

We have just received word from Page Plus, that due to the technical difficulty that this unknown bug has presented, MEBILS is being tabled for now and will not go forward.

I apologize for the inconvenience, but I truly think this is best, since it tables the entire issue for now, and other options may be pursued in the future. Officially, though, for now, please do not expect MEBILS to function as we had hoped, and do not expect this bug to be fixed anytime soon.

I wanted to let you know so that you can properly make plans.
The 5¢ overage rates on monthly plans $29.95 and up are still listed on the Page Plus site, so that part is likely here to stay. But MEBIL's promise of low cost pay as you go data seems to be gone for good.

The 5¢ per minute/MB/SMS non-renewal rate is also in doubt. Howard Forums user TheMountainMan reported that when his monthly plan expired with a balance of nearly $10, the 12¢/minute rate kicked in immediately. The user was told by Page Plus customer support that the 12¢ rate was correct because his plan has expired. I suspect that's not the case as the lower non-renewal rates were announced by Page Plus marketing manager, Denny Scher and have been working for nearly a month.

Update: Page Plus' Denny Scher has posted on Howard Forums that the 5¢ per minute, MB or SMS monthly plan non-renewal rate is still in effect. So TheMountainMan's experience of the non-renewal rate of 12¢/minute is apparently a glitch which PagePlus should make right.


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  1. The 5¢ per minute/MB/SMS rate is the "overage" rate, which means it applys to those usage above the monthly allowed minutes/data AND before the monthly plan expires. After the monthly plan expires, this overage rate will not apply any longer, instead, the standard rate will kick in.

    The Kitty's MEBIL was just trying to use the loophole from Pageplus system, and now the loophole was fixed, everything is working as it should be.

    1. I do not think it is accurate to say that anyone tried to exploit a loophole.
      The lower overage rates worked on expired plans as soon as the rates were lowered.
      Pageplus knew this would happen, and even told KTW about it.
      I think we will know soon whether all expired plans revert to standard rates.

    2. Per Page Plus' Denny Scher, the 5¢/MB, message or minute rate is an "overage/non-renewal" rate and is supposed to apply to overages and if a monthly plan doesn't renew. Adding a Standard Plan cancels it.

    3. I will test this with one of my lines in about a week and report back.
      I think I will get the lower rates until my cash is used up.
      I have more than $10 on the account now, so my balance should not affect the outcome according to the reports I have read.

  2. I'm following this closely as I'm really interested in it.
    It wouldn't surprise me if it works out that we'll be able to use the 'overage\non-renewal' rates for 27 days and then have to renew. Essentially letting us use the low per-min/msg/Mb rate every other month - which I think will still be a good deal!

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