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Updated - Now Live: Verizon Launching New $60 and $70 Prepaid Monthly Smartphone Plans

phoneArena is reporting that Verizon Wireless will launch two new prepaid monthly smartphone plans  on Feb 1st. The report is based on what appears to be a leaked Verizon internal training document (image, above).

The new plans are:
$60/month: unlimited voice minutes, unlimited messaging and 500 MB of data.
$70/month: unlimited voice minutes, unlimited messaging and 2 GB of data.

Users who use up their data allotment can continue to use data at the overage rate of 5¢/MB or can purchase 1 GB of additional data for $20.

The new plans replace the current $80 smartphone plan which also included unlimited talk and text and 2 GB of data. Customers currently on the $80 plan will be grandfathered on that plan and will need to contact Verizon to switch to the $70 plan and save $10/month.

The new plans are a step in the right direction but are still considerably more expensive than Verizon's own MVNOs  Straight Talk, NET10 and Page Plus which offer unlimited talk and text and 2 GB for $45, $50 and $55 per month respectively. But Verizon has some advantages including name recognition, superior 24/7 phone support as well as sales and support at Verizon stores.

The leaked flier is vague about which phones qualify for the new plans but I expect it will be the same as with the current $80 plan which can be used with any non-LTE Verizon phone including BlackBerrys and the iPhone 4 and 4S.  BlackBerrys even get BIS service which is required for BlackBerry Mail and Messenger.

Update 1-Feb-2013: The new $60 and $70 Verizon Prepaid Smartphone plans are now live on the Verizon Web site and are as described in the leaked document. According to the fine print on the Verizon site the $20 for 1 GB overage bundle is only available with the $70 plan and only when the user has 100 MB of data or less remaining from the 2 GB which come with the plan.

There are also two new Verizon prepaid smartphones available; the BlackBerry Curve 3G 9310 for $299.99 and the HTC Rhyme Android phone for $439.99. These are very high prices, Boost Mobile has the BlackBerry 9310 for $79.99 and the HTC One V, which is similar to the Rhyme goes for  $149.99 on Virgin Mobile or $139.99 from Cricket.  According to Verizon's press release announcing the deal you can also use,
"...many 3G smartphones that run on the Android, BlackBerry or iOS operating systems, such as the Samsung Illusion, the HTC DROID Incredible 2 and most BlackBerry models".
Which suggest the device eligibility rules are the same as they were with the now discontinued $80 plan which allowed any non-LTE Verizon smartphone.

Source, image: phoneArena.com

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  1. Good value for BB users. The $60 price ties the new Tmobile prepaid BB plan with 500 mb.

    1. With Tmobile for $60 you get 2GB of data

    2. The Blackberry (BB) option costs $10 extra. $70 for 2GB.
      Anyway, the $50 plan has not increased to 500MB yet.

  2. I want to know which phone can be used in Verizon network for Straight Talk 45 plan. I know the iPhones. Anything else?

  3. I guess I'm kind of meeting this news with a yawn because PP gives you 5x the amount of data at the 69.95 price point. Either Verizon doesn't want to undermine its MVNOs or they are banking on brand name recognition. The only way this would be competitive is if it offered LTE but 1GB of data on LTE would be gone awfully fast.

    1. The new plan is 500 MB at the $60 plan and 500 MB is 1/10 of 5 GB. Therefore, PP $70 plan has 10X the data.

    2. - Pageplus does not offer BIS or BB Messenger. Want all your email to go through China or the browser?;
      - Pageplus does not support iPhone; some Pplus users have been terminated; and
      - Vzw offers better support, as mentioned in the article

  4. Seriously, these prepaid prices are a joke. I would not pay for more than $30/mth for a cellphone. Europeans pay that much, why should we pay through the nose?!?!

  5. That's how it is. Just because a Big Mac is cheap in Peoria doesn't mean it will be in Biloxi? Everyone wants the cheapest everything all the time but that ain't the way the world works so deal.
    As for Verizon prepaid, they are always tweaking their plans a little at a time so over the long run they are constantly improving. Verizon probably sees Gophone as their biggest competition. With this tweak, it is almost guaranteed Att will respond with similar adjustments. Verizon prepaid is not the cheapest but they do have some of the best overall prepaid customer care , US based and 247. Something even POSTPAID Verizon does not have!

    Also, they are avaiable EVERYWHERE. There are still people who've never heard of Page Plus but EVERYBODY has heard of Verizon .

    There is a place in the market for Verizon prepaid. Pricier? Yeah, but it's all relative. Back in 2008, Virgin Mobile was charging $80 just for unlimited talk. And that was a big deal. We've come a long way baby.

    1. You reminded me of my first cellphone.
      "Special Deal" for DoD employee personal phones on Sprint Spectrum. $10/month for no minutes. All calls 25c each. Taxes added.
      At the time, this was a bargain for light use compared to plans with minutes.
      Sprint let me keep it even after the switch to PCS, long after it had been discontinued. They gave me a new PCS phone, too.

  6. As a Verizon and AT&T stock holder, I hope they never lower there plans and data rates. I need those dividends. Thank you.

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