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Boost Mobile Valentine's Day Promotion - 14% Off All Phones

Samsung Galaxy S II for Boost Mobile
I just got word of  a couple of new Boost Mobile promo codes for Valentine's Day. The first code is CALLME and when you enter it at checkout on boostmobile.com it takes an additional 14% off the price of all phones including ones that are already on sale. Here are a couple of the better deals:

The Kyocera Hydro water resistant Android phone is on sale for $84.99 (reg $99.99), but with code CALLME it's $73.09

Or the HTC EVO Design 4G, its regular price is $249.99, but it's currently on sale for $229.99, code CALLME brings the price is $197.79

If you're interested in Boost's flagship device, the Samsung Galaxy SII 4G,  the CALLME code works on it too and drops the price from $329.99 to $283.79. But the other code is a little better. It's GS2CJ60 and it takes $60 off the price of the S II only, making it $269.99. Unfortunately, the two codes can't be stacked. You can use on or the other but not both.

The CALLME and GS2CJ60 codes are good now through 14-Feb-2013 11:59 PM EST.



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