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Liberty Wireless Launches $35 Unlimited GSM Plan

Liberty Wireless, which up to now has been a Sprint MVNO, has started offering GSM service as well. There is only one plan available, $35/month for "unlimited" voice, messaging and data. New customers get a free basic flip phone as well.

I spoke with a Liberty Wireless support person today who told me that the initial cost of the plan for new customers is $47.95, which includes $9.95 shipping and handling and $3 taxes and fees on the free phone. There are no taxes or fees on the on-going monthly cost of $35.

Although advertised as unlimited, according to the support rep, the plan is capped at 3000 minutes, 1500 texts and 250 MB of data. These are hard caps with no provision for overages. According to Liberty, the data is not throttled and full HSPA+ data speeds are available with a suitable phone.  Those are pretty low caps, particularly on messaging, calling this an unlimited plan is really a stretch on Liberty's part.

Liberty is not abandoning Sprint, the  $20/month for 500 minutes or texts plan using the Sprint network is still available.

I'm always happy to see more choices in available service options. But Liberty's new offering doesn't seem particularly competitive. There are a lot of good monthly plans at this price point. If you don't need a lot of voice minutes, T-Mobile has a $30/month plan that includes unlimited texts, 5 GB of 4G data and 100 minutes. If you are primarily a talker and texter, T-Mobile owned GoSmart Mobile's $30/month plan includes truly unlimited voice and messaging but no  data. But no other operator offers exactly the combination of minutes, texts and data that Liberty does so I'm sure they will find some takers.

Update 1-Mar-2013:  The GSM plan has been removed from Liberty's website and Liberty has confirmed to PrepaidPhoneNews that it is no longer available.

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  1. It seems like a lot of Sprint MVNOs are switching to T-Mobile or starting to offer service on both lately! Personally, I would much rather see Ting offer service on T-Mobile, if ONLY because I would love to be able to use my Nexus 4 on Ting's plan and just pay for what I use of voice, data, and texts. I love Ting's concept, but the lack of BYOD for the Nexus 4 is a deal breaker, unfortunately.

    1. Ting's offering is cute but that $6/line monthly charge before you start any usage leaves a bad taste, at least at lower usage levels. I have been a fan (but not customer) of Ting but I am pretty happy with ptel's real paygo.

      Competition is great... seems you can find an MVNO that's just the right fit for any usage pattern. The trick is finding the right one. The proliferation of new MVNOs should be driving more people to this site to sort it all out.

  2. Beware of Liberty, I signed up for their Sprint plan 4 months ago, $20 "unlimited" talk and text....well first of all its very limited to 3000 minutes and 1000 text, and second its not grandfathered, now I only get 500 minutes OR texts for $20, or if I want to keep my "unlimited" plan, it went up to $50 !!

  3. I had Liberty when they offerd there unlimited talk and txt but i remeber when i started it that it was a promo ss it lasted a good few months but hey when it ended ohwell

  4. Well,that was a short lived story. The T-Mobile plan is no longer available.

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