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New CallingMart Prepaid Airtime Discount Codes

CallingMart.com posted some new discount codes on their Facebook page and Twitter timeline today. The codes are good through now through Tuesday, Mar. 5th, 2013 on prepaid airtime purchases of $18 or more.

10% Off AT&T GoPhone refills at callingmart.com with coupon code: PRD1310.

‎7% Off Net10, Tracfone & Verizon refills at callingmart.com with coupon code: PRD137.

5% Off Page Plus, Simple Mobile, H2O, Cricket, Red Pocket and Airvoice refills at callingmart.com with coupon code: PRD135.

If you use PTel or most other prepaid carriers not listed above you can get an extra 3% off Callingmart's already discounted prices using coupon code ca3p-1207. This code does not expire and also requires a minimum $18 purchase.

Sign up for CallingMart's free rewards program to get an extra 1% in rewards credit with every purchase. Rewards credit can be applied to your next order.




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  1. Is there any place that still offers a Tmobile discount?

    1. Target $25 refill, if you buy in store with Redcard?

    2. My Target only has $10, $30, $50 and $100 T-Mobile refills. You can use a Red Card for a 5% discount.

    3. Thanks. This looks like the best source now.

    4. My state charges 50 cents for e911 fee and sales tax on each airtime card. This cancels out the 5% Target REDcard discount on the $10 ($9.99) cards and adds an extra 45c. Net cost is $10.44.

  2. Callingmart.com seems to have the very best Net10 750 min. deals for about 10 days out of each month, and frankly I would like to be able to use them each month, month after month.

    But there is a problem that I have encountered.

    I have purchased two "PINs" from them, one in late December and one in late January. Several days later in each case I attempted to enter the PINs into the Net10 Reserve for my phone on the Net10 Site, and in each case the Net10 Site rejected the PINs.

    On the first occasion, the Callingmart.com customer service staff, working with an apparent dealer help desk at AmericaMovil was able to enter the PIN (or a substitute PIN) into the Net10 Reserve, so problem solved.

    On the second occasion, the Callingmart.com customer service staff made an error and instructed the dealer help desk to enter the PIN (or a substitute PIN) directly into the phone rather than into the Net10 Reserve, wiping out the existing remaining minutes (several hundreds) on the phone. This problem required a conference call among myself, a Callingmart.com staffer and an AmericaMovil staffer to correct. Wow what a time consuming mess which also cost me 30 minutes of airtime.

    Now since this defective or unusuable PIN issue has occurred in two out of two purchases, I am concerned, although I do not see any excessive negative commentary on this issue around the web.

    Perhaps the readership here has some insight into what could be happening.....perhaps the codes go "stale" after several days and then can only be used by one of the Callingmart staff at the AmericaMovil help desk.

    In any event, since time is money as the saying goes, this is something that I want solved before I need to buy again.

    Thanks for any help or insight that anyone here cares to share.

  3. How to save 1% on all prepaid airtime sold at Target:
    1. Get a REDcard (credit or debit) from Target. It's free.
    2. Fill 5 prescriptions at Target, and get a 5% off coupon for your whole shopping purchase.
    3. Add your prepaid airtime cards to your next Target shopping list.
    4. Write the prepaid airtime card expiration date(s) on all your calendars to remind you to add them before they expire.

    1. OOPS! I meant save 10%, not 1%!
      You can save 5% every day with the REDcard alone.

    2. Target sells Skype prepaid cards now.
      Only 2.5c/minute.
      2.25c/minute with the 10% discount.

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