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Ultra Mobile's New $59 Unlimted Plan Includes 2 GB of 4G Data and Up to 2000 International Voice Minutes

T-Mobile MVNO Ultra Mobile recently added a new $59 Plan that includes 2 GB of high speed 4G HSPA+ data. The plan also includes unlimited voice minutes, unlimited domestic and international text messaging and unlimited domestic picture messaging. The data is unlimited too, but if you use more than 2 GB in a plan month, data speeds are throttled to 128 Kbps (really slow) for the rest of the month

In addition to unlimited international text messaging, the plan also includes a $20 international call credit. Ultra's international voice rates are low, starting at 1¢/minute for calls to landlines in Mexico, France, Germany and South Korea, and  to landlines and mobiles in Canada, China and Singapore, so the $20 credit means up to 2000 no extra cost international minutes per month. Click here for all of Ultra Mobile's international rates.

Ultra has international direct dialing too so don't need to do go through the cumbersome routine of dialing an international access code and waiting for a prompt before you can enter the number you want to call. Also included is "Call Me Free", which gives Ultra Mobile customers local access numbers in 44 countries that non-US family members and friends can use to call them using any type of phone (landline, mobile, or VOIP) for the price of a local call.

The new $59 plan competes directly with T-Mobile's own $60 Monthly 4G plan which also includes unlimited voice, messaging and 2 GB of data  before throttling. There are differences though, T-Mobile includes off-network voice and SMS roaming, but charges extra for international calling and messaging. Ultra includes unlimited international texting, the $20 international call credit and Call Me Free, but no roaming.

If you don't need all of Ultra's international features and want to save a little money, competing T-Mobile MVNOs Simple Mobile and PTel have plans that include unlimited domestic voice and messaging, unlimited international SMS and 2 GB of high speed data for $50/month, $9 less than Ultra. See T-Mobile and T-Mobile MVNOs Compared for even more options.

Ultra has other plans, here's a table listing them all:

Ultra Mobile Plans
Plan Price per Month Voice Text (domestic & international) MMS Data2 International Call Credit
Talk & Text + $29 Unlimited Unlimited Limited to available data 50 MB at 4G speeds None3
Talk Text & Data+ $39 Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited at 128 Kbps $53
Talk Text & Data+ $49 Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited (1 GB at 4G speeds)$203
Talk Text & Data+ $59 Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited (2 GB at 4G speeds)$203
2 Additional 4G data is available: 500 MB/30 days for $10.
3 Additional international call credit is available for $10 and up. Included international credit expires at the end of each billing cycle and is replenished with a fresh $5 or $20 balance. Purchased international credit does not expire.
All plans include Caller ID, Free 411, VoVoicemail, and 3 Way Calling. There are no additional taxes or fees on any of the Ultra Mobile plans.


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  1. Not very exciting. I'm really waiting for something revolutionary.

  2. The 50MB on the $29 plan must be pretty recent too-- it used to include 0MB. If they had had that when I was looking to switch from T-Mobile Prepaid's $30/1500/30MB plan, I might have wound up with them instead of PTel's real paygo. As it happens I am spending only about $12/month with real paygo though. Still it was a smart move by Ultra which should increase their attractiveness in that price range.

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