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$99.99 Virgin Mobile HTC EVO V 4G and $50 Off Virgin's First LTE Phone at Radio Shack

Radio Shack has good deals on a couple of Virgin Mobile's best phones. The brand new  Samsung Galaxy Victory 4G LTE, Virgin's first LTE phone and its first with Android 4.1 Jellybean, is on sale for $249.99 at the 'Shack. That's $50 off the phone's regular $299.99. This is a great deal especially if you live in one of the areas where Sprint's LTE network is up and running.

In addition to LTE and an up to date OS, the Victory has a 4 inch 800 x 480 px screen, a dual core 1.2 Ghz Snapdragon processor and a  5 MP camera with flash and HD video recording.

For bargain hunters, Radio Shack is clearing out remaining inventory of the  HTC EVO V 4G for $99.99. The EVO V 4G was Virgin Mobile's top phone, selling for $299.99, when it was released just last May.

Although it lacks LTE, the EVO V 4G does have WiMAX 4G which is currently available in more places than LTE. Other specs include a 4.3 inch 960 x 540 px screen, dual core 1.2 Ghz Snapdragon processor, 5 MP 3D camera with flash,720p 3D HD video recording and Android 4.00 Ice Cream Sandwich. The EVO V 4G was sold out online for most of the week is now back in stock on radioshack.com.  I expect it to sell out quickly again at the $99.99 price.

Update As of 2 PM PST, Mar 7, the EVO V 4G has apparently sold out again. It not even listed on the Radio Shack site anymore.

Update: 7 PM PST Mar 8, the EVO V 4G is still sold out online but the phone's order page order page is back up so you can use the Find Nearby button to search for it in local stores. It showing in stock for me in a couple of San Francisco stores and one in Ogden UT. Those are the only cities I checked so  it looks like it's still fairly widely available.

Both phones should also be available in at least some Radio Shack stores although they may be hard to find. Use the Find it Nearby button on the radioshack.com sales pages to verify availability.

Update: Mar 20, the deal has ended, the HTC EVO 4G is back in stock but the price is now $179.99. Also, Virgin Mobile has cut the Galaxy Victory's list price to $249.99 so RadioShack's price is no longer anything special.



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  1. The EVO 4G is not available on RadioShack.com any more.

    1. I found it on the mobile site. Still there but out of order

    2. I meant out of stock.

  2. The inital reviews (on VM site) are horrible. You would think a LTE phone with data speeds that is 10X faster than 3G would get better reviews.

    I learned my lesson with my Moto Triumph -- I will wait until Black Friday weekend to pick up this phone for a substantial discount. Unless a better LTE phone like iPhone 5 is on sale on VM.

    1. What VM site are you reading?
      There are only 4 actual reviews at VM USA. One 5 star, two 4 stars and one 1 star.
      The other posts are 2 questions, and a comment 'I am waiting for an HTC phone.'
      Reviews can be helpful, but this is too small a sample to use for a purchase decision, IMO.

    2. I am talking about the actual reviews themselves, and not the stars per se. If you looked at how they graded the phone, you couldn't help but realize that the phone isn't outstanding.

      Btw, the average rating is 3.5 stars out of 16 data points. If you took statistics in college, 16 data points is sufficient if you t-stats and small sample distribution.

      There are 16 data points because for each review, the reviewer rates the devices 4 times.

    3. There are now 5 reviews and 20 data points and the average slipped to 3.4 stars. What you are seeing right now is the Central Limit Theorem in action.

      You need to be aware that the persons giving 5 or 4 stars are equally giving 3 stars on some of these features. These people are not giving 5 or 4 stars across the board.

    4. You did not say this phone is not outstanding. You said "The initial reviews .. are horrible." That is just not the case when you read them.

      Anyway, 5 online reviews is still not a statistically significant sample size to rely on when buying a phone. And it would not be an adequate sample in a proper survey of phone owners, either.

      People do not buy data points. They buy phones that have multiple features. But if you want to analyze features, you still only have 5 ratings of each feature. Not enough when spending $299.

      Maybe you are saying now in justifying your comment that every feature is equal in importance to every other feature, and you are willing to buy or reject a phone based on the total feature score. And you think 20 total feature scores is statistically significant.
      Even then, the data does not show "The initial reviews .. are horrible."
      CNET did a professional review and recommends this phone. But people should still read other reviews before spending $299.

    5. The initial reviews ARE horrible. I stand by my original statement. Nothing you stated has negate this view.

      Secondly, I am not responsible if you DON'T understand statistics at the college level. You are clearly be unctuous if you ignore the original 16 data points from my first comment. It's clear you are ignorant of "small sample size distribution", etc.

      You are free to disagree with me, but your ignorance of sound statistics at the college level hurts your argument immensely.

    6. Here's what ACTUAL users are saying about the Victory on VM's site:

      " ... it freezes, and battery life isn't all that great"

      "...battery life is not great ... Touch wiz is a bit annoying as well"

      "then one day it statrted to go to bad. Battery would last an hour"

      Cons: "build quality..."


      If people just took the time to read the ACTUAL reviews as opposed to galancing at the summary statistics, it sheds light on why the phone is so bad.

      We all should know 4G LTE sucks battery life (much worse than 3G), but based on the reviews, these people are warning prospective buyers to watch out -- the 2,100 mili-amp-hour battery notwithstanding.

  3. You guys are missing the point. The point is it's a NO CONTRACT phone that you can use with Virgin Mobile's Monthly plan for only $35/month. That gives you 300 minutes and unlimited data/text. THAT is what makes it a good buy. You won't find a cheaper plan anywhere else for an LTE phone. For only $10 more per month you can get 1200 minutes with Virgin Mobile. VM uses Sprint's LTE network.

    1. Virgin service is only a good buy if you have the coverage you need. My daughter's iPhone does not work in many rural areas around her major metro area (no LTE coverage there either). She carries a Tmobile prepaid phone (with AT&T roaming) as a backup outside the suburbs.
      Still, V-mobile was the only way she could afford a new iPhone 4S over 2 years with enough 3G data ($449 plus $40/month/cc).

    2. And the point YOU are missing is $300 is a lot to pay for a crappy phone.

      I paid $300 for the Moto Triumph when it first came out and it was a reasonable price (at that time) for a no-contract phone for VM $25 a month plan. Btw, I still have $25 plan.

      Since the Moto Triumph, lots of no-contract phones with good spec's have reached the market. Today, you can get the LG Optimus L9 for $200. It has the same 4Gesque speed as LTE but the L9 has a much larger display size than the Samsung Victory -- that larger real estate is great for web activities.

      Also for about the same price, you can get the Nexus 4 (ignoring data speeds).

      The point is no-contract android phones don't have to be that expensive. The saving grace at VM is VM charges less than Boost for the comparable phone.

      If you are patient, the Victory will probably go for $80 to $100 less during a promo in the same vein as the Samsung Galaxy SII, respectively.

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