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MetroPCS Brings Back $25 Unlimited Talk and Text Plan

MetroPCS is again offering a plan that includes unlimited calls and SMS text messaging for $25 a month. The plan is a limited time promotion that is scheduled to end March 31, 2013, but based on past experience it's likely to be extended. Customers who sign up before then can keep the plan indefinitely as long as they meet the plan's conditions, which are listed below.

The $25 deal is only available at MetroPCS stores and authorized dealers. To get it you have to buy one of a selection of MetroPCS phones and pay a $10 "promotional fee". The $25 plan doesn't include data. It does come with picture messaging either, although that can be added for $5 a month extra.

There are quite a few conditions attached to this offer:
  • The $25 plan is only available at MetroPCS Corporate Stores and Authorized Dealers (store locator), not online. 
  • There is a $10 "promotional fee" to activate the plans. 
  • The plan is for new customers and re-activations only. No upgrades, phone changes (ESN swaps) or reactivations. 
  • The plan can only be used for voice calling, text messaging and picture messaging (with $5/month MMS add-on). Email, IM, and data are not available. 
  • The only add-ons allowed are the $5/month MMS add-on and $5/month MetroGUARD phone insurance.
  • The $25 plan can be used to add a new line to an existing account but the $5/month family plan discount does not apply and other users on the account can't downgrade to the $25 plan.
  • The customer must purchase a new Kyocera Presto, Huawei Pinnacle, Huawei Verge, Samsung Contour, LG Select, Huawei M735 Blue, LG Beacon, Samsung Freeform III, Huawei M835, Huawei M835 SE (Tokidoki), Samsung Admire Red, Samsung Admire White, ZTE Score M, HTC Wildfire, LG Optimus M+, Samsung Freeform M, or Huawei Pal phone.
  • The plan is a limited time promotional offer.  Customers can remain on the plan indefinably after the promotion ends, provided they keep their account active and continue to use one of the supported phones.
The plans do include voicemail, 3-way calling, caller ID, long distance and no extra cost roaming.

When MetroPCS first ran this promotion last year we called it groundbreaking because it was by far the least expensive unlimited plan available anywhere. It's still a good deal but the competition has caught up. There are now similar offerings from other operators, including unlimited plans for $24.99 from T-Mobile MVNO Spot Mobile and for $19/month ($24 -$27/month after taxes and fees)  from Sprint MVNO Chit Chat, both of which have far fewer restrictions.  On the other hand, MetroPCS has the advantages of name recognition and a large network of retail stores.

Updated; 1/3/2013: Availability extended until Mar 31, 2014. Additional handsets allowed.


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  1. I think Ultra Mobile $29 plan, including some data and MMS, is a much better plan, without all the non sense restrictions and "fees" from Metro.

  2. After the compatitors have cought up, this plan is worth no more than $15 a month tops.

  3. ChitChat is far more flexible. I could even buy Internet access.

    1. ChitChat charges $15 to activate, change phones, change phone number, etc. They charge taxes and big surcharge every month. Their coverage map is the wrong one; they do not roam at all.
      They play Gotcha!

  4. ChitChat not sounding so great....

  5. so are they gonna bring it back this year or perhaps next year? i might switch back to metro pcs if they do.

    1. isn't the $25 talk n text on the website in your area now and has been for months.. at least the one when I've gone to the online site.. Metropcs.com then click on DEALS on the bottom of the page left side!! hope that's what you're looking for..

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