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NET10 to Limit International Calls On Its Unlimited International Plan

Last week America Movil's Telcel America brand imposed new limits on its $60/month Unlimited International Plan. Now it looks like sister America Movil brand NET10 is about to do the same thing. A reader sent me a copy of a memo that just went out to NET10's independent dealers. It reads;

"NET10 Wireless still one of the BEST Choices for Hispanics to stay connected with loved ones in Mexico

We thank you for your contribution to the success of NET10 Wireless and are diligently working to improve ILD call quality and customer service experience. Our goal is to help you leverage the equity of the Net10 Wireless brand to grow your business.

We launched NET10 Wireless International plans with very aggressive introductory pricing. As we continue to refine our value proposition we will be offering UNLIMITED + 400 Bonus cellular service calls to mobile phones in Mexico effective May 1st, 2013."

The same 400 minute limit on calls to Mexico was one of the two changes made to Telcel America's Unlimited International Plan April 15. The other change is that users can only make unlimited international calls to 15 unique numbers each month. My source expects that the same change will be made to NET10's International plan.

NET10's $65/month ($60 with auto-pay) Unlimited International Plan currently includes unlimited calls to mobile phones in Canada, China, Israel, Singapore and Hong Kong and Mexico as well as unlimited calls to landlines in 32 countries.

If you are wondering about America Movil's Straight Talk's Unlimited International Plan, I expect that it will be seeing the same changes sooner or latter.

There are alternatives to the America Movil plans for users who need to make lots of international calls.

If Sprint native coverage works for you, Boost Mobile is currently running a Unlimited Mexico Mobile promotion that includes unlimited calls to Mexican and Canadian mobile phones and to landlines in 45 countries. Boost's plan is a $15/month add on to monthly plans priced at $45 and higher. It's a limited-time offer for subscribers who add the $15 Unlimited Mexico Mobile to a Monthly Unlimited plan by June 6. Customers who add the option before June 6 can keep it indefinitely.

For other international calling options see PrepaidPhoneNew's picks for the Best Prepaid Mobile International Voice & Text Deals.


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  1. NET10 to re-limit International Calling! Pfft, Tracfone blows!

  2. I guess the $451M that America Movil's got in a year from the taxpayers to pass out 28% of the "Obama Phones" was just not enough (don't worry about qualifying; the feds can't catch the fraud if you want 6-8 phones). They have to make Carlos even richer by cutting service and throttling your data use.

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