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New Callingmart Codes - Up to 10% Discount on Prepaid Airtime Purchases

CallingMart posted some new discount codes on their Facebook page and Twitter timeline today. The codes are good through now through Friday May 3rd, 2013 on prepaid airtime purchases of $18 or more.

10% Off AT&T GoPhone refills at callingmart.com with coupon code: GDLK1310.

‎7% Off Net10, Tracfone & Verizon refills (Net10 family plans excluded) at callingmart.com with coupon code: GDLK137.

5% Off Page Plus, Simple Mobile, H2O, Cricket, Red Pocket and Airvoice refills at callingmart.com with coupon code: GDLK135.

If you use PTel or most other prepaid carriers not listed above you can get an extra 3% off Callingmart's already discounted prices using coupon code ca3p-1207. This code does not expire and also requires a minimum $18 purchase.

Sign up for CallingMart's free rewards program to get an extra 1% in rewards credit with every purchase. Rewards credit can be applied to your next order.



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  1. looks like Tmobile no longer offers discounts code. (

  2. ca3p-1207 doesn't work for T Mobile to go refill pins

    1. Callingmart stopped it when Tmobile cancelled their discounts several months ago. Target Redcard, combined with the 5% prescription coupon gives you 10% off any airtime cards Target sells.

    2. what if one doesn't have redcard Target?

    3. No problem. I will tell you what to do. Get your butt over to Target tomorrow and ask those nice folks for an application. Go on the Internets if you want. You just fill out the application and they will probably give you one! Yes, even you can have a Redcard! You gotta make one decision: Do you want a credit or a debit card? If you can make that decision, and either have a half-decent credit or a checking account, you can get your own Redcard.
      Is this a great country, or what?

      PS: Don't ask the Feds for a Redcard. They will either put you on a watch list, or give you a Medicaid card, a disability check, food stamps and 5 'Obama phones.'

  3. Some people need to read some of the articles here to learn more and not just ask questions all the time.
    I appreciate this web page and save each month with the discount stories posted here by Dennis
    Thanks Dennis !

    1. Newcomers and visitors: You do not have to read whole site before you ask a question. This is a friendly, helpful site, *not* HoFo
      ("Read the posts! Read the post!") ;-)

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