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Boost Mobile's Samsung Galaxy Rush Getting Jelly Bean Starting Tomorrow

Hot on the heels of yesterday's release of Android 4.1.2 Jelly Bean for Boost Mobile's LG Venice comes word that another Boost phone is getting JB. This time it's the entry level Samsung Galaxy Rush. The news comes in an email from Boost Customer Care that an AndroidForums member received.

Thank you for contacting us through boostmobile.com.

On May 16th - May 23rd there are planned over-the-air Android JellyBean software release for Samsung Galaxy Rush and other phones. Customers using these phones will be receiving Software Update.

It's interesting that Boost says "other" phones will be getting Jelly Bean. Last month the Boost Website briefly said that Jelly Bean was coming to the Venice, Rush and the ZTE Warp Sequent. Boost quickly retracted that statement but it's turning out to be true. So I expect the Warp Sequent will be one of the other phones getting the JB update this week. If the Boost email is correct at least one other device is due to get JellyBean this month. I think likely candidates are Boost's two LTE phones, the ZTE Force and HTC One SV.

Update 5/17/2013: Jelly Bean has started rolling out. An AndroidForums user reported that he got the update yesterday, May 16. The updates are staged with only a portion of users getting it each day so if you have a Rush and haven't been updated yet, be patient.  You can force the phone to check for the update by:
Go to the  Application Manager's, "All" tab
Select "Google Services Framework" and tap "Force stop"
Go to Settings > About phone > System Update

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  1. About time. Hopefully my Boost Force gets an update.

  2. "Bitter..party of one" Why so boost hate n' bitter? So they are ahead of the game.

  3. Well I just off the phone with Boost and they confirmed besides the SGS2 and LG Venice, the Samsung Galaxy Rush is the only phone to get the Android 4.1.2 update.

    1. The new update made my galaxy rush extremely slow and now my phone freezes all the time it sucks.

    2. The update should make your phone faster, not slower. Try taking the battery out for a couple of minutes. If that doesn't fix the slowness, be sure your phone is backed up (Settings > Privacy > Back up my data) and then do a Factory Data reset. That won't remove the update but it should get things working right.

  4. I didn't even know that this phone was going to be updated to Jelly Bean, until I downloaded the update this morning. I got so used to having a prepaid phone that wasn't ever going to be updated, like when I had the HTC Wildfire S (through MetroPCS), I was stuck on Gingerbread for the longest time, at least until I switched to Boost and bought the Rush. I can already see that Jelly Bean is nice on this phone, it makes going back and forth through apps so much smoother and faster. Before the update (when it was still ICS), it would lag a lot and would also freeze. Haven't seen that happen since the update. I love Jelly Bean! :-D

  5. Being that the One Sv and Force are relatively new to Boost Mobile's lineup, I doubt that either will receive the JB update this month. Their past pattern has been to update the older phones first (if the hardware is capable of running the new update), and then slowly pass the update to the new phones. Regardless, we are in good hands and can expect Boost Mobile to eventually pass the update to the other phones in the future.

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