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Jelly Bean Update Rolling Out to Virgin Mobile Samsung Galaxy Reverb

It's raining jelly beans on Sprint's Boost Mobile and Virgin Mobile prepaid brands. On Tuesday users of Boost's LG Venice reported that their phones were getting updated from Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich to Android 4.1.2 Jelly Bean. Then yesterday a Jelly Bean update started rolling out to the Boost Mobile Samsung Galaxy Rush.

Now comes word from several AndroidForums users that their Virgin Mobile Samsung Galaxy Reverb has been updated to Jelly Bean. Like the Elite and Rush updates, this is an over the air update. Your phone will get a notification that a system update is available with a link or button to start the update. You can also manually check for the update by going to Settings > About phone > System updates.

JellyBean includes Project Butter, which is supposed to make the user interface smoother and faster, and Google Now an "intelligent personal assistant" that provides personalized notifications of things like traffic delays on your commute, upcoming restaurant reservations and stock price alerts.

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  1. CDMA is just NOT the way to go, ESPECIALLY for MVNO's; as a Virgin Mobile customer, not only am I at SPRINT's mercy for any (UNLIKELY ) update, BUT ALSO can't take my phone with me to another MVNO. If I had an unlocked GSM (Tmobile or At&t) phone, at least I could explore the large range of GSM based MVNO's. I've sworn myself to the pledge that from now on I shall ONLY buy a GSM (SIM-card) phone; at least that way I won't be imprisoning myself in a SPECIFIC-CDMA cell ( ...pun intended...)...
    Hi Dennis.. Do you think that CDMA, like Crude Oil, has reached its peak, and will eventually go the way of the dinosaur (...pun intended, again...)? After all, isn't the 4GLTE & VoLTE ( Voice over LTE ) based on GSM-SIM?
    ( I would like to post more comments on this great site, BUT for some reason, my HTC EVO V 4G will only allow me to actually type a comment in the boxes occasionally; this also happens on other sites where they allow one to post comments..What gives(?) my old MOTOROLA TRIUMPH always was able to post on any site! Any ideas would be appreciated! )
    Keep up the great work!

    1. I agree that CDMA as we know it is on its way out. LTE and HSPA are actually CDMA based. I have nothing against CDMA as a radio interface but hate that US CDMA operators went with a SIM-less version of it.

      Regarding the comment problem. The comment form requires Javascript so be sure it's enabled. Also the stock Android browser is pretty bad, try using Chrome or if you're still on Gingerbread, the Firefox Mobile Beta, both are much better than the stock browser,

  2. So, overall, does the Sprint/Virgin data service provide acceptable speed compared to Verizon, At&t and T-Mobile? Will I regret it if I buy a smartphone from Virgin to use in their system?

    1. That's highly dependent on location. I've found it decent in the San Francisco Bay area, Reno and Salt Lake city. But zero coverage along I-80 between Reno and the Utah border and along Hwy 1 north of San Francisco. It's best to get opinions from local Boost or Virgin Mobile users.

    2. Check the Sprint map that shows the towers in your area that have been upgraded for Network Vision. The map explains what upgrades were done. Data speeds on Sprint and Virgin iPhones improved in my area after these upgrades were complete, and I noticed more signal strength in some areas.

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