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Straight Talk's Unlimited International Plan Isn't Unlimited

Straight Talk Wireless announced yesterday that effective immediately their $60/month Unlimited International Plan would be getting some limits

  • Instead of unlimited calls to Mexican cell phones, the plan now provides 400 minutes of calling to Mexican mobile numbers. 
  • The plan still includes unlimited calls to international landlines in 37 countries and to cell phones in Canada, China and India. However users can only call 25 unique international numbers per month.
The 400 minutes and 15 numbers counters reset every 30 days. Unused Mexican mobile calling minutes do not rollover.

These changes were expected. Telcel America and NET10 which, like Straight Talk, are brands of Tracfone, recently announced identical restrictions.

For Straight Talk International plan customers who need more than 400 minutes of calls to Mexico, you might want to consider Boost Mobile's Unlimited Mexico Mobile promotion. It includes unlimited calls to Mexican and Canadian mobile phones and to landlines in 45 countries. It's a $15/month add on to monthly plans priced at $45 and higher and is a limited-time promotion available until June 6. Customers who add the option before June 6 can keep it indefinitely.

If you need to call more than 15 different international numbers,

  • Boost also has a $10 add-on to plans $45 and higher that includes unlimited calls to landlimes in 44 counties and mobile numbers in Canada, China, Singapore,S. Korea, Thailand. It also includes unlimited international text messaging.
  • T-Mobile's GoSmart Mobile has a $10 add-on to plans $30 and higher that provides unlimited calling to landlines in 60 countries as well as unlimited international texting.
For details of these plans as well as other international calling options see PrepaidPhoneNew's post; Best Prepaid Mobile International Voice & Text Deals.

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