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Aio Adds Throttled LTE and Two more Cities

AT&T's new Aio Wireless prepaid monthly subsidiary is now giving customers access to the AT&T LTE network.  The good news comes in an official AT&T press release which also mentions that Aio Wireless is now available in two more cities, Naples and Ft. Myers, Florida. Aio service has been available since May 9 in Houston, Orlando, Tampa, Jacksonville and Gainesville, Fl. and is supposed to be available nationwide next year.

Aio also disclosed that its "Hi-Speed" LTE data is throttled to a maximum of 8 Mbps and 4G HSPA+ is limited to 4 Mbps. Aio says its 3G HSPA/UMTS service averages 700 Kbps to 1.7 Mbps. Aio plans (listed below) include an allotment of Hi-Speed data. When that's used up, unlimited data is available at an unspecified slow speed. One Aio user of HowardForums says their throttled speed is about 256 Kbps.

Aio Plans
Plan Name Monthly Price Hi-Speed Data Before Throttling Allowed devices
Aio Tablet $15 250 MB Tablets Only
Aio Basic $40 250 MB Basic Phones Only
Aio Smart $55 2 GB Smartphones Only
Aio Pro $70 7 GB Smartphones Only

Aio also announced a new LTE phone. It's the ZTE Overture, pictured above.  It runs the Android 4.1 Jelly Bean OS and has a 4" screen, 5 MP main camera, a front facing camera for video chat and support for SD memory cards up to 32 GB. The Overture will be available "in the next month". No price was given but I expect it will be less than $200. The Overture joins Aio's 9 other phones ranging in price from $29 for the Samsung Denim flip phone to $649.99 for the LTE capable iPhone 5 16 GB. Aio also has a 7 inch tablet, the $179.99 ZTE Velox and sells SIMs for  using your own unlocked GSM phone or tablet.

Source, image: AT&T

AT&T Launches Aio Wireless Prepaid Brand in 3 Cities - Unlimited Talk, Text & Data $40/Month & Up

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  1. And there aint no comma betweens tge r and s
    Its called Ft. Myers

  2. I thought AIO wasn't offering LTE right now? the Galaxy they offer isn't LTE capapble as fas as I know.

  3. Now every major carrier except Verizon offers LTE on monthly prepaid plans.
    Tmobile at $30, 50, 60, 70.
    Virgin at $35, 45, 55.
    Boost at $40 after 18 paid months of service, $55 to start.
    Sprint at $70 plus big taxes, or Ting MVNO with highly variable pricing.
    Aio at $55, 70.
    AT&T GoPhone $60 and up.

    Cogito Ergo Zoom!

  4. I think you mean "700 Kbps to 1.7 Mbps", right?

  5. I'd love to find out when the Philadelphia area will be getting Aio Wireless. If it isn't until next years, T-Mobile is looking like the move I'm making when I decide to buy a new iPhone.

  6. @Dennis Bournique: The correct acronym is "UMTS", not "UTMS".

  7. MetroPCS will probably sell or support the Tmobile iPhones in Philly before Aio arrives there.
    $50, not $55, and 2.5gb vs 2gb. Or, $60, not $70, and unlimited vs 7gb.
    No caps on LTE or HSPA+.

  8. Does aio use refill cards, or do you have to use a credit_debit card?

    1. You can pay with cash at Aio stores and other payment locations including CVS pharmacies and 7-Eleven and Walmart stores in Aio cities.

  9. When will nationwide online ordering be allowed?


    AIO says it will add four new markets in August.


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