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Closeout Pricing - $29 MetroPCS CDMA/LTE Android Phones

In preparation for the mid-year 2015 shutdown of its legacy CDMA network, MetroPCS has cut the prices of three of its LTE capable phones to just $29 for new customers. This price is only available with a new account activation on a new line of service at a MetroPCS store, not online. The $29 phones are the:
  • LG Motion 4G - regular price $149, 1.2 Mhz dual-core processor, 3.5" 320x480px screen, Android 4.0, 5 MP camera.
  • ZTE Avid 4G - regular price $149, 1.5 Mhz dual-core processor, 4" 480x800px screen, Android 4.0, 5 MP camera.
  • Huawei Premia 4G - regular price $149, 1.5 Mhz dual-core processor, 4" 480x800px screen, Android 4.0, 5 MP camera.
The $29 price is after a $120 instant rebate. Sales are limited to existing stocks of the three sale phones, rainchecks won't be available. As mentioned above, a new account on a new line of service is required to get the rebate. If you go for this deal, keep in mind that you will need to replace the phone by mid-2015. The Motion and the Premia support VoLTE (Voice over LTE) so they should still work for voice and data in LTE areas after the CDMA shutdown. However LTE is unlikely to be available outside of metropolitan areas so coverage will be severely limited. But 2015 is two years away and by that time you will probably be ready for a new phone anyway.

In addition to the $29 LTE phone deal, The Huawei Pinncale 2 and Huawei Verge feature phones are now free to new customers at MetroPCS stores. Plus, the online and in-store price of the Samsung Galaxy S III has been cut from $449 to $349 for new customers after mail in rebate. For current customers the S III is $399, no rebate required.

Sources: MetroPCS, HowardForums

Update 1-Jul-2013: Sale has ended.

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  1. Could these be flashed to page plus? Even with having to pay for a month of service it might not be a bad deal.

    1. MetroPCS CDMA phones have a proprietary 6 digit code to unlock them. It was like pulling teeth with no anesthesia to try and get it. Even with flashing software and equipment it could not be done without the code. Metro tech support had no idea as well.

  2. This $29 deal is false advertisement!!! They trick you into purchasing this phone thinking it is $29 but it is $135 out the door after taxes, etc. I am very disappointed in Metro and their false advertising!

    1. You need to find the right MetroPCS store or authorized dealer that has this promotion. Call ahead to make sure.

  3. @metropcs your $29 advertisement is horrible!!

  4. Metro need to stop the BS now sell their cdma phones to other cdma companies and start selling unlocked gsm phones now so metro customers can get on tmobile network now if they smart by dec 2013 metro should be fully decommissioned

  5. The ZTE IS A PIECE OF S*** now the other phones work very good just not this one the goodness for upgrades

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